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  1. webman2015

    sort by price - please help

    Maybe I am not good at explaining myself. I am writing code. Just didnt understand how to modify it to get the correct results. Actually, here is what I came up with. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6930 So far, I had found nothing like it before, so I figured it out myself. Hope it helps others.
  2. For three months now I have been reading the forums and looking for contribs to enable my site to show a short by price drop down menu with no dead ends. Meaning that in index.php I show a dynamic drop down menu that checks what price ranges are available and grays out or elimates any dead ends. For example, if the price ranges are: $0 - 100 $100 - 250 $250 - 500 And if there are no products below $100, that option does not show up under the specific category the customer is currenty in. I have tried the following contribs: "advanced search infobox", "filter by price", "shop by price" and "sort products by dropdown" among others. None of these look at the current category and filter out any dead ends. I have found that "shop_by_price" is the best in that it searches in the current category. My boss will not let me start advertising our web shop until this functions with no dead ends. After three months, I am fearing for my job. So far, all I have succeeded in doing is crashing the complete web hosting server. Wasnt pretty. Can anyone please show me what bit of code I need to change in order to check for matches in the database and only show available options? Thanks in advance.
  3. webman2015

    Extra Fields - how to search extra fields

    Thank you, I will follow this and see what I can learn here.
  4. webman2015

    Extra Fields - how to search extra fields

    Anybody? I am still searching full time for some way to make this happen. I am sadly no php expert and have not yet had any success at making this work.
  5. webman2015

    Extra Fields - how to search extra fields

    Anybody ever work with this problem? I have been researching the forums for months now. And trying to get it myself. No luck. Has this ever been done before? Is there something I am missing?
  6. webman2015

    Extra Fields - how to search extra fields

    Anybody?? I have been trying to get this to work for two whole weeks now full time. It is the only thing holding me back now. During my reading of the forums, I have seen many people seeking related answers, but still waiting. If anyone would help me, I will be very happy to post my experiences and the fixes, if found to all those others.
  7. webman2015

    Extra Fields - how to search extra fields

    Does anyone know how to perform a search on custom fields without all possible matches from the whole database showing up? I spent the whole day yesterday pouring over my work to make sure I installed the mods correctly according to directions. I did find out how to eliminate the error when none of the original search fields are entered. I will post the modification here, in case someone else can benefit from it one day: In advanced_search.php near the top, change the following in red (modify to fit your needs) if ( ((keywords == '') || (keywords.length < 1)) && ((dfrom == '') || (dfrom == '<?php echo DOB_FORMAT_STRING; ?>') || (dfrom.length < 1)) && ((dto == '') || (dto == '<?php echo DOB_FORMAT_STRING; ?>') || (dto.length < 1)) && ((pfrom == '') || (pfrom.length < 1)) && ((pto == '') || (pto.length < 1)) && ((height == '') || (height.length < 1)) ) { error_message = error_message + "* <?php echo ERROR_AT_LEAST_ONE_INPUT; ?>\n"; error_field = document.advanced_search.keywords; error_found = true; } --------------- In advanced_search_result.php also near the top, make the changes in red (modify to fit your needs) if ( (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['keywords']) && empty($HTTP_GET_VARS['keywords'])) && (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['dfrom']) && (empty($HTTP_GET_VARS['dfrom']) || ($HTTP_GET_VARS['dfrom'] == DOB_FORMAT_STRING))) && (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['dto']) && (empty($HTTP_GET_VARS['dto']) || ($HTTP_GET_VARS['dto'] == DOB_FORMAT_STRING))) && (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['pfrom']) && !is_numeric($HTTP_GET_VARS['pfrom'])) && (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['pto']) && !is_numeric($HTTP_GET_VARS['pto'])) && (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['height']) && (empty($HTTP_GET_VARS['height'])) ) ) { $error = true; ----------------- In the above example, my new product attribute is "height". The database entry is under the "Products" table and labeled "products_height". But I just cant seem to find a way to sort only the height table. Any ideas?
  8. webman2015

    Extra Fields - how to search extra fields

    : Actually, even easier is if I can simply figure out how to set up the html link with the proper extension. Example: http://www.......advanced_search_result.ph...ds=11+inches.... If I can figure out how to get results from my p.products_height table entry using an html link like above, then I will write my own drop down menu using links. When I try the above code I get all entries with 11 inches, whether it be height, width, or even if the product number contains "11" in it. I cant figure out how to refine this search to include only "height". And I keep getting the error "at least one of the fields in the search form must be entered" when I try anything else in the html link. Troy
  9. webman2015

    Extra Fields - how to search extra fields

    Sorry for not being clear in the first post. I am interested in doing the work myself, actually love this stuff!! I have searched these forums full time for five days now (literally) and cant seem to find out exactly what I am looking for. I have set up extra fields in the database using the New Fields version 4 mod. Actually, this is just instructions to manually enter the custom fields. I am also using easy populate. Both work well and I can upload data with excel, no problem. I have looked into the "advanced search mod", "advanced search infobox BTS", "advanced search attributes", "AJAX search suggest", "display matching categories in search results", "search enhancements" and others. I have actually studied each one, looking for ideas, but have no success yet. I also have 11 other various mods installed into the shop from better products display to image enhancements and more. All are great. What I am searching for is how to modify the advanced_search.php so that a customer can now click a button (mentioned earlier) for a particular height for example. I have tried various ideas, but cant quite seem to get the data to come up right. I will not claim to be an expert in PHP, but can usually figure simple things out myself and install mods with no problem. I only ask if anyone out there has ever tried this before and if so, where is the discussion, or mod for it. I will keep searching the forums until something comes up. This is my full time job and I am stuck on this one point, so I am very determined and dedicated. Again, sorry for not coming across properly earlier. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  10. I have installed the extra fields mod. It works great. But, how do I set up the advanced_search.php so that I can search by a single field only? For example, I have a new field labeled "Height" and I want the customer to be able to search by height. I want to have a drop down menu that shows 0-5 inches, 6-10 inches, 11-15 inches and so on. anyone know how?