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  1. Hi guys i was having no problem with the sitemap_categories.html or sitemap_products.html viewing after install (they were 100% ok) But for index.html it wouldn't show correctly and include the sitemap_includes.php info i.e SITEMAP_DOMAIN etc (if it had worked correctly it would have included the SITEMAP_DOMAIN details etc without a problem) i have to change the index.html to home.php and change my htaccess file to include one more line : RewriteRule ^index.html$ home.php [L] i changed of course the index.html to name home.php before i edited the htaccess with the above line.(home.php was used to steer clear of conflicts lol) As stated before the sitemap_xxxxx.html was working 100% as per the instructions but the index.html just never worked for me :( doing the above actions rectified this and i hope that others might use this info to good use too :) WBR Nicky Duffy www.phantomgsm.com you can see the SEO Sitemap working at www.phantomgsm.com/index.html www.phantomgsm.com/sitemap_categories.html www.phantogsm.com/sitemap_products.html any questions > help@phantomgsm.com pls mention this modification :) p.s i also had to modify the includes/configure.php with FILENAME_INDEX value (index.php) to make this work 100%
  2. i am getting this error after install on MS2 using the admin and controller package version 2.2 Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'DIR_WS_FUNCTIONSheader_tags.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /www/p/phantomgsm/htdocs/test/site-backup-21-01-04/includes/application_top.php on line 24 please can you tell me why it isn't working correctly ? is it just a config problem ? or is it just me ? lol Regards