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    Authorize.net authorization number

    This is what I have done. I register a session variable called 'authorization_code' and reference this variable in checkout_process.php to store the authorization code in the DB. At the end of the file I unregister the session variable. Here are the changes I made. In authorizenet_aim.php go to the following condition: // If the response code is not 1 (approved) then redirect back to the payment page with the appropriate error message if ($this->response[0] != '1') { // some code } // Add an else statement else{ $_SESSION["authorization_code"]=$this->response[4]; } Then in checkout_process.php, add the foll statement in the $sql_data_array: 'authorization_code' => $_SESSION['authorization_code'] // add the following statement where all sesssion variables are being unregistered. You will find them at the end of the file unset($_SESSION['authorization_code']); I hope it helps. Inputs are welcome
  2. Hey all, I have enabled SEO Urls in the admin section and the URL Type is set to "Rewrite". I noticed that when I click on the "Add to cart" button for some of the products , the url breaks and "page cant be found" message is displayed, although the item does show up in the shopping cart. I viewed the source of the page and saw that the form tag wraps to the next line like this <form name="cart_quantity" action="http://mydomain.com/product-demo -p-718.html?action=add_product" method="post"> It doesnt happen everytime, but only for some products. Has anybody encountered this before? I tried adding the 'nowrap' attribute to the td tag that contains the form, but to no avail. This is the code print '<td width="100%" valign="top" nowrap>'. tep_draw_form('cart_quantity', tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')) . 'action=add_product')).'; print '</td>';
  3. Hey all, Has anybody used UPS module where they get the UPS published rates based on client login and pwd?? Im talking abt UPS Online Tools for Rate and Service
  4. smokinguns

    AIM Module

    I have integrated the AIM module in oscommerce in TEST MODE. My request gets sent to the authorize.net service and the transaction is approved, but the page gets stuck with the foll response: |1|||1|||1|||(TESTMODE) This transaction has been approved..|||000000|||P|||0|||||||||20.62|||CC...... The url of the page that displays the response is "https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll" 'x_relay_response' is set to false, as AIM uses direct response not relay response . Why is the page not redirected to the checkout_process.php page??
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    UPS Price discrepancies

    The quote returned by sending a request to UPS is less than the one on their website. Here is the request that gets sent accept_UPS_license_agreement=yes&10_action=3&13_product=GNDRES&14_origCountry=US&15_origPostal=55343 &19_destPostal=55345&22_destCountry=US&23_weight=2.9&47_rate_chart=Regular+Daily+Pickup&48_container=00&49_residential=1 The quote returned is 6.93 and if i add a handling charge of 1.5, it becomes 8.43 On entering the same options on their website I get a quote of 9.14. What gives??
  6. smokinguns

    UPS Price discrepancies

    Problem solved. The quotes were accurate. I tried all combinations on UPS quote calculator and for one combination the quote was exactly the same. I confirmed the shipping options with the merchant and they said that were not selecting an option on UPS website and thats why the quote discrepancy
  7. smokinguns

    UPS Price Discrepancies?

    Im facing the same problem and I have the same settings: UPS Pickup Method - RDP (Daily Pickup) UPS Packaging - CP (Your Packaging) UPS Residential Delivery - RES (Residential) The quote returned for a 2.9 pound item(tare weight included) was 8.43(including handling charge) where as UPS website gave 9.14 as the quote. The destination zip code is not a rural area. This problem has cropped up recently. Ne solutions to this yet??