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  1. mglew

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Turned out the code works perfectly, its just I assumed that the text output on the screen was all products, but its just the products with zero stock. Checked Google Merchant and the product is in there with the correct product_quantity and everything. Thanks
  2. And I've got a NZ site too now
  3. mglew

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Oh as an experiment I changed the quantity from 4 to zero, and then it worked. How do I make it work with stock >0? Thanks M
  4. mglew

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi, I've been using v3.5 of this contribution for a long time now. Thanks so much for putting it together. Recently I noticed that occasional products were not being exported for some reason. This is one such product: http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/lux-angel-eyes-p-19235.html Here is the extract of the log: 5731 - http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/corsa-polished-sport-back-with-black-tips-p-19231.html 5732 - http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/capristo-porsche-9912-carbon-fibre-underbody-engine-cover-p-19233.html 5733 - http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/capristo-competition-valve-system-p-19234.html 5734 - http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/corsa-ford-mustang-2015-back-xtreme-black-tips-p-19236.html 5735 - http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/corsa-ford-mustang-2015-back-xtreme-polished-tips-p-19237.html As you can see it was missed after item #5733 Can someone suggest reasons why it would have been skipped? Could it be a bug? Oh, and before you ask I've checked this: define('SKIP_CATEGORY_ID', '381,448'); //don't list any categories (or their products) listed here - separate each id by a comma define('SKIP_PRODUCT_ID', ''); //don't list any products listed here - separate each id by a comma It's not in either of those categories Thanks Mike
  5. Hi Sean, I'm interested. I run an osCOmmerce business and I'm also a professional software tester, so happy to partner with you on testing this. I'd like to see this plug into the code and draft an invoice (updating/adding any included addresses or products to the xero database) whenever a new order is processed (ie it sends to the payment gateway) and a payment record sent to xero after it returns from the payment gateway with a success. Mike
  6. Hi, I've added this module to my website, and I cant get it to recognise voucher codes that I've entrered with the admin module. Any ideas? Is this a common problem? What have I missed :) Thanks Mike www.bestexhaust.com.au
  7. Thanks for the responses... I'm planning to modify the "giftwrap" contribution to work for installations (it's the same sort of last minute added value thing) and I'll integrate some smarts with searching for a installer within a radius of the customer's registered home address. Probably using pgpGoogleStoreLocator :) I'll have to do something interesting for mobile installers, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it... This will also update the delivery address to that of the installer that is selected... Mike.
  8. Master Slave could work if the fitting service was generic, but some areas may not have fitters and other areas may have several fitters at different prices. I think I need to write my own as part of the checkout process... Unless there is a contribution that can recommend items in the checkout process... Mike.
  9. I run http://www.bestexhaust.com.au which is an online store for exhaust systems for cars. I want to offer buyers of systems fitting as well. This can't be offered until they have registered, so I guess the best time to hit people up is when they are checking out. I think there was a contribution for offering related items at checkout, and this could be modified to work perhaps - can anyone recommend such a contribution in the absence of something that does exactly what I want? Ideally I want to offer the closest three fitters to a customer. I also want to offer mobile fitters, but this can be hacked by putting multiple locations for a mobile fitter... Thanks, Mike.
  10. mglew

    [Contribution]Skype Contact

    I think Firefox and IE treat the Skype button differently. I've just raised a support call with Skype Support, and will post up anything useful that comes out of that. IE works fine bringing up the chat or call session when you click the button, but Firefox just brings up the contacts window and sits there doing nothing. Mike Best Exhaust Pty Ltd http://www.bestexhaust.com.au
  11. I have the same problem - I've taken over finishing a site from a dodgy developer so who knows what he's done... I don't have any account setup with a cc-gateway, so I just want to get it working up until the point where it looks for a gateway to interface to. Thanks, MikeG