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  1. why is it so many smart cookies are out there, writing code, doing stuff and we get people at host companies calling themselves tech 1,2,3, and they don't know a thing???
  2. the attribute sets contrib helps a lot but would be so much better if I could apply sets to categories instead of one by one to each product... also I have one product that always sites at the top of the list where I do not want it. the type is small is there somewher in the database I could csv a whole lot of attribute values? lots to add, sooo time consuming thanks you guys are all so geat.. much talk about zencart...what is your take..zencart vs oscommerce? they have easy dropdowns etc i hear
  3. wendyl

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    I have the same problem, installed all code, double checked...tripled checked. The drop down does not appear at all, and not much in the admin, dissapointed. I was hoping for more reporting and tracking of sources. also to have sources placed into customer info, data base etc for data tracking. I am using this for tracking sales.. I am thinking it is a problem with my version of OS..upgraded to 2C2A... not MS2...so quite possibly I screwed up with installing on the wrong version. all seems fine otherwise...but no dropdown ! no text field, nada.... has anyone installed this wonderful contribution on the 2c2a version successfully? does anyone have any patches or? stumped and dissapointed...but kudos to this great contribution!