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  1. laydback

    One Page Checkout Support

    I take that back, even though the fields didnt disappear and I was able to submit the order, the credit card was not validated nor processed via paypal.
  2. laydback

    One Page Checkout Support

    I was able to fix this, if you use the Paypal Direct Payments contrib, set the Card Acceptance Page to confirmation rather then payment and it won't throw up the fields until you select the radio button.
  3. laydback

    One Page Checkout Support

    I notified ITwebexperts of the issue that many people here seem to be having with the disappearing fields. They responded with exactly what I thought they would, which is charge $250 to fix it. I'll do without it I guess...
  4. laydback

    One Page Checkout Support

    I have the exact same problem, anyone know how to fix it? I attached some screenshots to demonstrate. Basiclly the credit card fields are there until you select the radio button, then they disappear.
  5. laydback

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I hope someone can help me, ever since the last two versions of the feeder, my products get doubled for some reason. What could cause that? I have 9661 products currently, and there are exactly that many rows in the database. But the feeder file gets exactly double that many. Please help! Update: It only happens when I define('OPTIONS_ENABLED', 1); if define('OPTIONS_ENABLED', 0); then it outputs the correct number of products