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  1. maatwerk

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    No, I found out that same 'spammer' entered a lot of stupid viagra text in the comment of 1 picture. After I removed it, all browsers were as fast as the others. Is this a vulnerabilty of the gallery? Regards, Arnold
  2. maatwerk

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    Hello All, After reading no-one else has the same problem I 'allowed' myself to publish it on the internet to see what happens: Gallery at h&h Miniatuurshop When openened in IE7, the page is ssslllllloooooooooooowwwwwww and then suddenly is there, without the column_right (which never comes) When openened in FireFox3, the page needs 8 seconds to load, also first without the column_right. After nearly 1 minute column_right appears. Netscape7 reacts the same as FF3. Is this normal? Regards, Arnold
  3. maatwerk

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    Hello All, As I posted yesterday, uploading does not completely works fine from the shop What I can do is: Uploading files as site admin (in the admin-module) and put them on a customers name. Also: When I am loged in in the shop as user, I can see the options: edit, view comment and delete. When I choose edit, I get a highslide popup with the loginscreen of the shop in it. When I choose view comments, I see the comments when I choose delete, I have to login again and the picture is deleted. Any Ideas? regards, Arnold
  4. maatwerk

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    Hello Leveera, As I had some unused other Add-Ons in my site, I started from a new osCOmmerce-site, with only this addon, including the OTF. Even then I have to login again when I try to upload pictures. Where should I put the 2 pices of code you mentioned in your post? regards, Arnold
  5. maatwerk

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    I am very happy with this contribition and upgraded it to version 0.9 (from 0.5) in my testing environment. I run into one problem: when i try to upload a picture (while I am logged in), i get the login page after pressing the upload button. This happens both as user in the shop as admin in the admin-area. Where shoul I look first? Test-environment: Server with XAMPP 1.7.0 for Windows PC with XP and IE7 both on local LAN Greetings, Arnold