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  1. seanie_show

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Thanks Todd - you were totally right - had missed a function. Really appreciate your help. I am still having a problem with displaying the products correctly (i'm now getting "BOF: Additional Images" etc appearing_: http://s127390785.websitehome.co.uk/essenc...;products_id=80 Is this the product_info.php file? If so, is there anything i should look for? I'm hoping that the template's file can actually be modified to work with your great addon.
  2. seanie_show

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Thanks Todd - really appreciate the info. I was using WinDiff to look for differences and manually picking out the line with BOF and EOF, which seemed ok for the most part, until i got to product_info.php. The Template Monster product_info.php seems to be more CSS based, with DIVs etc, whereas the product_info.php in the download has more table references, like TD, TR etc. I tried to make changes to the file where i thought the changes should go but it was confusing due to the differences and the fact that i'm a PHP novice. I am now getting this error when i try to Edit a product: Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: upload_quiet in /homepages/32/d127390759/htdocs/essencshop/admin/includes/functions/additional_images.php on line 224 Is this related to product_info.php or does this mean i've messed up on one of the other manual updates?
  3. seanie_show

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Hi guys, I am really new to osCommerce. I have bought a template from Template Monster, installed osCommerce and so far so good. I then attempted to install the Additional Images module. But when i attempt to make changes to products i get problems. I noticed that in the Files To Compare part of the installation, my product_info.php file seemed very different from the one in the download. I assume that this is very different because i am using a template from Template Monster?? I have used Drupal in past and had assumed that osCommerce modules would be as easy to install (ie. download and click install) but i guess i was naive. Is it possible to install the Additional Images module onto a osCommerce template? Many thanks in advance, Sean
  4. Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to osCommerce so please excuse ignorance/stupidity. I am setting up an online shop for a friend who is based in Ireland. They want to take online payments but i'm not really sure which Payment module to use. I would go with PayPal as its probably the best known but not sure if there are country specific modules or not. I have seen PayPal UK and PayPal US module but not a PayPal module for Ireland - but do i need this??? Any help would be most appreciated!! :) Thanks,. Sean