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  1. slawless

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hey, which is the best version of quantity price breaks to use? I have a modified private store with extra fields and the products are automatically updated via xml.
  2. slawless

    Where is the request ... insert into ORDERS

    Any more detail on this? I am trying to do the same.
  3. Hi, I am having problems uploading with easy populate v2.76h. After downloading modifying and attempting to re-upload I am getting the following error: File uploaded. Temporary filename: C:\WINDOWS\Temp\php369C.tmp User filename: EP2009Mar26-0404-1.csv Size: 15986 ##Can not open file for reading. Script will terminate. I am guessing this temp directory should be catalog/temp but don't know how to fix I am running oscommerce on IIS 6.0 server. Can anybody help me solve this problem?