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    Automated FedEx Labels

    ok this module says it needs a pre-installed module called "vermonster.com's PHP:FedEx Direct Connect module". I have searched and searched at oscommerce.com for this module and cant find it. can someone PLEASE send me the contribution number it needs!! thanks
  2. red_fraggle

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Thanks flyingmonkey, already had that one installed, since i did it first. thankyou for he reply
  3. red_fraggle

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I am trying to find a download location for this module, which i beleive should be http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2150 however, the file there is corrupt. Anyone have a good download location for this contribution?
  4. red_fraggle

    Linkpoint OID Order Number

    This may be more difficult than it sounds. If i am not mistaken, OSC does not assign the "order number" until after checkout confirmation, i.e. after linkpoint runs and gets an approval or deny response. So during checkout there is no order number per se'. This can be tested on your shop by putting this code at the top of the linkpointms1.php located at /includes/modules/payment/linkpointms1.php. print_r($order); exit; This will print the contents of the array $order to your screen and stop everything so you can read it. If the order # does not exist at that point then alot more work will be required. Let me know how it comes out and ill try to assist further.
  5. red_fraggle

    Linkpoint Question

    I dont beleive i EVER said you dont have to worry. There is inherent risk in all that we do, but to be honest. A professional hacker has easier ways than hacking into a DB to get at CC numbers. Starting with finding an open port on your server (which isnt hard) and installing various programs which are to numberous to mention here. All designed to glean any and all information he wants, Just like locks keep honest men out, passwords only keep newbs out. If doing business on the internet were risk free, SSL sellers would not offer insurence. So to answer your question, yes you should worry, and take all neccessary precautions short of becoming a paranoid freak who only ever thinks about who is trying to get him. If life gets to this point, its time to quit and get a regular job and stop trying to make it big on the net. But then again, if you do that, you will have to watch who works with you, they could steal from the till and blame you! It all boils down to this, how big of a target are you? Every hacker i ever heard about was trying to get something that might make him getting pinched worth it, is your site worth it, or in fact is your site exactly the same or smaller than 40 million other sites? There is a trade off between security and cost effectiveness, thats why your all using FREEWARE! Your server or hosting company has more to do with your security than you do with your linkpoint files and .HTACCESS files! Ask them when the last time they paid someone to do a security audit was. Ya take precautions, everyone you can. But relax and take a vacation, cause whats it worth owning your own business if you cant enjoy it.
  6. red_fraggle

    Linkpoint Question

    IF you want to not sotre the CC # in the database, use something similar to this in checkout_process.php look for the code: 'cc_number' => $order->info['cc_number'], I cant guarantee this will work, BACK UP FIRST. Theoretically the "cc_number" string could be removed and would store an empty string in the DB. I would make other changes as well, I.E. remove your admin folder to outside the web folder, get ZEND Optimizer and encode your configure.php files so they are not readily readable, so on and so on.
  7. red_fraggle

    Linkpoint Question

    Clifton Murphy here, co-author of the module. It operates as designed. The database is secure and therefore stores the entire number. Would you rather it not? If you dont store the entire number in the database you would not be able to checkout as the cashiering process happens after the data is stored in the database. If we didnt store the number, there would be no data to send to linkpoint. Besides that, what if there was a problem with linkpoint? what if you had no data such as card number to verify you actually took the order in the first place? How would you be able to cross reference with linkpoint which customer actually purchased using which card? It is illegal in the US to store CVV codes and as such none is stored. It is also a security risk to send the whole credit card number via email, so we only send the first and last numbers as a reference to let the store owner quickly find the correct order, credit card and pair them up if need be. We can make custom modifications to this if you like and get it to do whatever you wish. The module was written with the majority in mind and works very well for most people. If you are not one of those peoploe please contact our offices for a customization. Visit us online for information on our module installation and customization services.
  8. red_fraggle

    Linkpoint/Cardservice module help!!!

    Hi Clifton Murphy here, I actually wrote the files your all talking about. As per instruction if you decide to use linkpointms1_without_option.php, you MUST RENAME IT to linkpointms1.php and overwrite the one in the same directory it comes packaged with. *Commercial advertising
  9. red_fraggle

    Linkpoint & Debian

    I helped write the link point module, you dont need any of those libraries with our contribution. *Solicitation commercial
  10. red_fraggle

    Why isn't there a curl debug applet?

    We have these scripts for testing our linkpoint installation (i helped write the module for linkpoint) We charge $9.95 to run tests and $40.00 to install and configure module for you.
  11. red_fraggle

    module installation

    After Helping author the linkpoint module, i think i can figure this one out :) Hyperactive Co. Will install ANY module at the OSC contributions center for $49.95, $29.95 if you host with us! We also write custom modules for $35.00 per hour.
  12. red_fraggle

    Linkpoint error

    That's odd, we run CURL compiled into PHP with OpenSSL and we dont have issue with our servers :) Hey Durran :P
  13. red_fraggle

    Only ONE payment method is SELECTABLE in Checkout

    what three have you enabled so i can try to duplicate this issue.
  14. red_fraggle

    Something like "free shipping"

    We can write this module for you. Please visit our website for pricing and contact information.
  15. red_fraggle

    authorize.net merchant receipt

    Put both your store and authorize.net in LIVE mode. Test it with the test credit card number. You should get an error such as "There has been an error processing your credit card, DECLINED" If you need assistance, give me a shout i can help.
  16. red_fraggle

    "Real" credit card processing company -recommend?

    This is Clifton Murphy, Co-Author of the linkpoint contribution and Reseller for both authorize.net and linkpoint. There are a few options, we recommend authorize.net as its cheaper in the long run. We can set you up for only a $79.00 application fee for authorize.net, or with $0.00 fee with linkpoint, though the charges are higher for linkpoint. If interested please visit http://www.hyperactivehosting.com/merchant-services.php If you need to speak with us directly, contact info is in the signature. If you sign up for authorize.net merchant services with us, installation of the payment module is free of charge.
  17. red_fraggle


    Clifton Murphy Here, I have done the last few edits to this module and offer free support via E-mail for it at linkpoint@hyperactivehosting.com or by phone in the US at 910-298-8260.
  18. red_fraggle

    LinkPoint error messages on checkout

    Line 194 is the first line of code after the path statement to find linkpointms1.php. There are two linkpointms1.php files in the contrib. 1 [file size - 1686] must be put into /catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/ on your server. Exchange "catalog" with whatever directory name you have chosen to install it to such as "shop/" or "store/" . If you are on a shared server you most likely do not have root level SSH to see the actual path. Suffice it to say when you FTP into your hosting company, you are at root. Root normally will have, depending on your hosting companies operating system (windows, linux, BSD) either a "public_html" or a "httpdocs" folder in which you have installed OS Commerce. This is your WEB or "WS ROOT" and would be where you kept your index.html file for your website. If you have installed OSC into that directory and in a subdirectory of it called "catalog" then your store would be found on the web at http://www.domainname.com/catalog/index.php So knowing this path using ftp, we can upload the files to the correct locations. We will assume that you have extracted the contribution in winzip to c:\ and made sure the "use folder names" choice was checked so that the linkpoint module extracts on your PC's hard drive to c:\linkpointMS1andMS2\catalog\*.* The files, if you used the "use folder names" option in winzip are already in the correct locations. Open your FTP client, select all of the files in c:\linpointMS1andms2\catalog but not the catalog directory itself and upload them into your store names directory i.e. public_html\catalog\ or httpdocs\catalog\. I can tell a few of you are getting errors and its not working because you have uplaoded them to the wrong locations. for instance the second and larger of the two linkpointms1.php file goes in /storename/includes/modules/payment/ so if your directory on your server is /home/username/httpd/vhosts/domainname.com/catalog this file needs to be in home/username/httpd/vhosts/domainname.com/catalog/includes/modules/payment/ If you cannot get this to work and can provide me with root level acces via SSH or can get me ftp access i will try to fix it for you. Clifton C Murphy Jr. sales@hyperactivehosting.com
  19. red_fraggle

    unofficial LinkPoint api patch

    The contribution as i patched it works perfectly fine. I can point you to at least 5 shops i have installed this week all processing correctly using the linkpointms1andms2 module which has my name on it (clifton murphy) http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,596 I use this module as i originally posted on my own shops, and therefore know without a doubt it works. Sorry to not actually see this thread but i actually spend all my time at the oscdox.com forums. Reasons it WONT work. You do not have your https and http sides symlinked. you have at least one character corrupt in your PEM file. (request new PEM from your linkpoint rep, yours may be corrupt.) You do not have CURL compiled into PHP with SSL support. You have a corrupt lpphp.php file (why applying patch may have fixed andrews) I continue to help out people with this contribution who are having issues free of charge. You may contact me at sales@hyperactivehosting.com . Clifton Murphy
  20. red_fraggle

    Linkpoint Questions

    I am clifton murphy and i wrote the latest release of the linkpoint module. You do not need to edit your php files to get linkpoint working. Curl must not only be installed but compiled into php for this mod to work. Having CURL installed as a binary on your server will not work. If you need assistance or need a hosting company that provides services tailored and known working for OSC please contact me. 1-888-web-hype or email sales at hyperactivehosting dot com Clifton Murphy Hyperactive Co.
  21. ok, help me here, We got a bookshop, that sells books as pdf, mp3, hard cover and softcover. all of these are options, but if they dont selec an option at all we end up with orders for zero dollars and we need to know if there is a way to REQUIRE at least one option before they can check out? Cliff....
  22. Can anyone selling a product which has multiple colors and sizes please let me look at your easypopulate flat file so i can get a grip on how EP and UOC uses these columns to autocreate attributes Red Fraggle
  23. red_fraggle

    Easypolulate Attribute question

    If it doesnt auto create them from the flat file why have the attribute columns in the flat file so specific. be better to just use the attribute code in the shop for the attribute wanted. The way it looks, you input the choices not the prebuilt attribute codes. this would create them not reference them right? Cliff...
  24. red_fraggle

    easy populate help with tab-delimited samples

    the preceding / doesnt mean it takes only an unix absolute path. this means that the catalog will start from its home directory "/" which usually is /catalog and parse the rest of the directory structure from there. What i mean is, in the config file /temp is read by the catalog to mean /catalog/temp Hope this helps, now while were on the subject i have a couple questions if you guys can help me. What does the field "product_url" in the stock easypopulate text file do? is this meant as a link for the manufacturers website? Also does anyone reading this thread have products like clothes? I cant seem to figure out how to use the attributes columns for autocreation of the attributes. looking a ta flat file someone has that actually has built in color and size variation attributes would be a huge help. Anyone got one they could let me look at a few lines of? Red Fraggle
  25. red_fraggle

    Easypopulate Question

    There is a field in the easy populate sample text file called "product_url" the docs dont say what this field is for. Is this supposed to be used as a link to the manufacturers webste? Also am i understanding correctly that you can remove any of the columns from the flat file that you would not use, like for english only stores, removing the description_2 and description_3 columns? And lastly but most importantly, can anyone with a store that sells maybe clothes, and has attributes of various sizes and colors, let me check out their flat file so i can see how to build the attributes columns? Cliff....