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  1. getflocked

    PayPal App v5.000

    I noticed that the ability to delete an order through the admin is no longer there after installing this PayPal app. Any plan to add that back?
  2. getflocked

    PayPal App v5.000

    For me, the PayPal express checkout is not returning the correct shipping rates which have already been selected by the customer (I'm using the ship in cart module). Where is this module pulling the shipping rates from?
  3. getflocked

    Feedback for raiwa

    It was a pleasure working with Rainer - quick turnaround and great job! Thank you!
  4. getflocked

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Update: I haven't gotten international quotes working yet, but my problem comes up if you select United States and a state and zip code. Then you will see something like this: United Parcel Service (1 pkg, 0 lbs total) (UPS Ground (billed dimensional weight 3 LBS), EDD: September 07, 2016) but USPS is correct: United States Postal Service (1 pkg, 2.48 lbs total) (Priority Mail 1-Day™ ---Approximate delivery time from mailing date 4 days). Thanks you. Betsy
  5. getflocked

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Hi Rainer- No, currently the live store is using an old version of OSCommerce. I'm working on this new bootstrap version and plan to switch over once it's all working, but it is not available to the public yet. If you need to see this in action, I can msg you a login. Betsy
  6. getflocked

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Hi- First off, thank you to ALL who helped make this module! I've installed this on my responsive 2.3.4 Gold website where I offer USPS and UPS shipping. Everything looks good except for the UPS quote details. It is showing the correct number of packages but with 0 weight. The USPS quotes are all correct including the weight. When I disable the ship estimator module, the shipping selections on the checkout_shipping page are complete and correct. Any ideas? Thanks, Betsy
  7. getflocked

    USPS Shipping Labels

    Ah, just when I thought that all was okay with the latest USPS update... Labels export is not working so I'm back to copy/paste of customer/shipping information. We ship international packages a lot and the USPS has now created dropdown lists for foreign postal codes and many codes are missing. The only way around this is now to create the label selecting an incorrect postal code and then edit the label on the USPS website. While in the edit screen, the pulldown postal code field becomes a text field so I can enter the correct postal code. Why oh why is it that the USPS can never make things easier?? I hope someone comes up with a fix for the USPS label module soon.
  8. Thank you Geoffrey. I forgot about this setting. I am using the "ready to ship" dimensions support option for all my products but USPS is ignoring this and dividing the total weight into equal packages. An example: package1 is 16 lbs and package2 is 10 pounds - total 26 lbs the quote shows 2 packages @ 13 lbs I want it to calculate with the original "ready to ship" packages instead. Any ideas?
  9. I'm having a similar problem - some of my products are also bulky and must ship in separate packages. The quotes I get through my shopping cart show the correct total weight but but not the correct number of packages, so the USPS shipping quote is way too low. UPS uses "ready to ship" boxes with sizes but the USPS module does not access this information and shows estimates for one box which are way too low. Any advice is appreciated.
  10. getflocked

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Yay! USPS 5.0.1 installed and working perfectly. Thank you so much everyone and Fulluv Scents for completion!!
  11. getflocked

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I installed the latest USPS contribution and it's working for me too. The only off thing I noticed is that Domestic quotes don't show the delivery time, but I will most likely hard code those temporarily. I only offer Express and Priority... By the way, I edited out the 'library' additions and left out the _vti_cnf files and directories that were added by Fulluv Scents. Thank you everyone!! UPDATE: domestic options show priority on the confirmation page no matter which is chosen (priority or express). I'm now only offering priority until I can fix this.
  12. getflocked

    Is USPS shipping module down

    Hi! Can you supply the full code from the file? Much appreciated :-)
  13. getflocked

    USPS PriorityMailIntl

    I see that PriorityMailIntl is the only option in your file that is not in all caps... maybe make that all caps? I just looked at my file and here's what I have listed there: $this->intl_types = array('GLOBAL EXPRESS' => 'Global Express Guaranteed', 'GLOBAL EXPRESS NON-DOC RECT' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Rectangular', 'GLOBAL EXPRESS NON-DOC NON-RECT' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Non-Rectangular', 'EXPRESS MAIL INT' => 'Express Mail International', 'EXPRESS MAIL INT FLAT RATE ENV' => 'Express Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope', 'PRIORITY MAIL INT' => 'Priority Mail International', 'PRIORITY MAIL INT FLAT RATE ENV' => 'Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope', 'PRIORITY MAIL INT FLAT RATE BOX' => 'Priority Mail International Medium Flat Rate Box', 'PRIORITY MAIL INT FLAT RATE BOX' => 'Priority Mail International Large Flat Rate Box', 'FIRST-CLASS MAIL INT' => 'First-Class Mail International Package'); See if that works for you... hope this helps!
  14. getflocked

    International shipping

    Hello! If they have any shipping modules installed, look for the international settings within each module's settings in your administration panel. The USPS shipping module has an Int'l Shipping Methods section where you need to check the methods you wish to offer. The UPS shipping module has a list of Disallowed Shipping Methods, so any method not checked will be offered to you customers. If they have no shipping set up yet, you will need to install the modules and get accounts with each of the shipping companies. There are also settings in the shipping/packaging admin section under configuration. I offer USPS for international orders and UPS for USA orders. Hope this helps, GetFlocked
  15. getflocked

    UPS Shipping Best Approach for Install

    Hi Mark- Here's one way to run those queries: You need to go to phpMyAdmin in your cpanel. That's where your database can be administered. Once there, you should see your store database listed on the left side. Click on your database to load it into the interface. Now look for the SQL button along the top of the right side pane. That should load a text box where you can paste you queries. Open the configuration_shipping.sql file in a plain text editor, copy the text, then paste it into the SQL text box and click "Go". That's it. The other way is to import the file using the import button near the SQL button. I've always used the first way. As always, be sure to backup your database before doing any edits like this. (administration > tools > backup database Hope this helps, Betsy