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  1. fgrace

    2 Steps Simple Checkout

    Hi VWAntigo - I am having same problems as you - shipping costs do not display on checkout.php - did you find any fix for this? regards, fgrace
  2. fgrace

    2 Steps Simple Checkout

    Hi all I have tested the 2 Steps Checkout as extensively as I can..I believe there is something strange going (please bear in mind I'm a newbie to OsCommerce) 1. Prices in checkout.php are showing up lower than in my shopping_cart.html page - could this be to do with vat/tax not being applied 2. The shipping is not asked for - I have 2 regions set up for different shipping rates, neither showing up - and they do not switch back if they do appear 3. Question - should my credit card details show up on first page, then second page is confirm ? ..or should I not be asked for credit card details until the 2nd step Look forward to your answers regards Fergal