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  1. I am trying to accomplish this exact same thing with the Free Product payment and the Discount coupon code contributions. What luck to stumble onto your posts! Can you send me the consolidated instructions?? I'm desperate!
  2. jkenfield

    Mastercard and Discover Card Changes for US Merchants

    Seriously - there is no action on this? This is disappointing. We are all basically out of compliance.
  3. jkenfield

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    I am an idiot...I swear that I had read that the max length was 32 characters for some reason and never tried to go beyond that, even with the ability to set max in admin. Oh well...if I hadn't gone down the path already with the older version, I would for sure install your contribution. It looks much nicer and easier to use. I wish I could just install the sorting abillity for the options...that is all I need at this point now that I got the char restriction figured out. :blush:
  4. jkenfield

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    I currently have the older "Product Attributes - Option Type Feature" installed and working on my site but I really need to get passed the 32 max char limit for textboxes. How do you recommend I go about incorporating this contribution when I already have the other one installed?
  5. Got it! typical user error on my part...my local/configure.php was off. I'm sure this won't be the last you hear from me...I am going to attempt to add in the Options as Images contribution next :) Thanks! Jessica
  6. Hi..this is my first post and I am a newbie with OsCommerce so please be patient! I installed this contribution so I could use the text boxes for personalization on my products. I had tested the site before adding ths changes for this contribution andeverything was working well. After I made the changes with the latest fixes I am having a issue with my session getting mixed up. When I add a product to my cart and it makes me login, after I log in it tells me my cart is empty. I will add the product again to my cart and try to check out and it thinks I am not logged in. A variety of session IDs are showing up in the URL. Like I said, I had the whole checkout/login process working fine before adding this contribution. Does anyone know what I should try? Please help! Jessica