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  1. Hi Jim, I'm still trying to 'fix' the problem with the International Small Flat Rate Box which isn't showing up. I reinstalled the module and other than this one option, seems to be working fine. I'm attaching my revised xml file. I didn't see the International Small Flat Rate Box listed although there are several International small flat rate envelopes. Can I just switch one of these (rates are the same) to say International Small Flat Rate Box? If so, how? The usps.php file seems fine.... Thanks. K. new5.xml
  2. Jim, I reinstalled - it's not there - I'll take a look tomorrow with winmerge. Maybe I'll spot the problem and be able to fix both issues. Thanks for your help. Have a good night - I'll be back again but hopefully it'll be to let you know I got it fixed. K.
  3. Jim, Sorry (I'm going to be sorry I tried this tonight because tomorrow I might actually see the problem) however, I must have missed something because I do not havve an option in admin for setting international regs to false. (I am running 2.2 if that makes a difference). I tried commenting out where it's grabbed in the usps.php file but THAT didn't work - So if you could use little words I might be able to get this done - I did see where it cut off but figured I'd made a mistake in editing the file for the International Envelope (I don't see it if I did and I've looked several times - also that's working now). So - give me some options for either getting the whole xml file into an email (I did copy everything that was there - the reason I assumed a coding problem) or a way to get rid of the regs and perhaps I can bother you about something else tomorrow - I do appreciate your help (and patience). Thanks.
  4. Okay, First of all, Jim, thanks for your help. I've been looking at this too long today. However: I uncommented the line in includes/modules/usps.php. I ran a test order. I got the email and saved as an XML. I opened it in Firefox. At this point I don't have a clue - it looks like there is actually something wrong with some of the code (somewhere) but I don't have the energy to try and track it down tonight. In any event, I decided to just allow the International customers to select First Class or Priority Mail for now and if I can get this working, will update later. (BTW - I actually ran it 3 times with different combinations of shipping methods selected and this is what I got each time.....) I'm attaching the xml file - ???? If anyone can make any sense out of it (I expect it's right in front of me -- but I just don't see it). Thanks. new3.xml
  5. Okay, not a name change - reread the api tools from the post office release. Anything else to try?
  6. Is there a fix to the small flat rate international package? I can't get it working either, although everything else is working fine (2.2). I am within the USPS limits and I have it selected in admin. Anything else to try? Is it possible that the 'name' has changed? Thanks.
  7. Newbie - sorry! I think I've managed to follow all the instructions (and have double checked and read all the posts) but must have missed something. In Firefox: I get two copies of this error: This will overwrite this products current options and cannot be undone.'); define('AM_AJAX_NEW_TEMPLATE_NAME_HEADER', 'Please enter a new name for the new Template. Or...'); define('AM_AJAX_NEW_NAME', 'New Name:'); define('AM_AJAX_CHOOSE_EXISTING_TEMPLATE_TO_OVERWRITE', ' ... ... Choose an existing one to overwrite'); define('AM_AJAX_CHOOSE_EXISTING_TEMPLATE_TITLE', 'Existing:'); define('AM_AJAX_RENAME_TEMPLATE_ENTER_NEW_NAME', 'Please enter the new name for the %s Template'); define('AM_AJAX_PROMPT_DELETE_TEMPLATE', 'Are you sure you want to delete the %s Template? This cannot be undone!'); //attributeManager.php define('AM_AJAX_ADDS_ATTRIBUTE_TO_OPTION', 'Adds the selected attribute on the left to the %s option'); define('AM_AJAX_ADDS_NEW_VALUE_TO_OPTION', 'Adds a new value to the %s option'); define('AM_AJAX_PRODUCT_REMOVES_OPTION_AND_ITS_VALUES', 'Removes the option %1$s and the %2$d option value(s) below it from this product'); define('AM_AJAX_CHANGES', 'Changes'); define('AM_AJAX_LOADS_SELECTED_TEMPLATE', 'Loads the selected template'); define('AM_AJAX_SAVES_ATTRIBUTES_AS_A_NEW_TEMPLATE', 'Saves the current attributes as a new template'); define('AM_AJAX_RENAMES_THE_SELECTED_TEMPLATE', 'Renames the selected template'); define('AM_AJAX_DELETES_THE_SELECTED_TEMPLATE', 'Deletes the selected template'); define('AM_AJAX_NAME', 'Name'); define('AM_AJAX_ACTION', 'Action'); define('AM_AJAX_PRODUCT_REMOVES_VALUE_FROM_OPTION', 'Removes %1$s from %2$s, from this product'); define('AM_AJAX_MOVES_VALUE_UP', 'Moves option value up'); define('AM_AJAX_MOVES_VALUE_DOWN', 'Moves option value down'); define('AM_AJAX_ADDS_NEW_OPTION', 'Adds a new option to the list'); define('AM_AJAX_OPTION', 'Option:'); define('AM_AJAX_VALUE', 'Value:'); define('AM_AJAX_PREFIX', 'Prefix:'); define('AM_AJAX_PRICE', 'Price:'); define('AM_AJAX_SORT', 'Sort:'); define('AM_AJAX_ADDS_NEW_OPTION_VALUE', 'Adds a new option value to the list'); define('AM_AJAX_ADDS_ATTRIBUTE_TO_PRODUCT', 'Adds the attribute to the current product'); define('AM_AJAX_QUANTITY', 'Quantity'); define('AM_AJAX_PRODUCT_REMOVE_ATTRIBUTE_COMBINATION_AND_STOCK', 'Removes this attribute combination and stock from this product'); define('AM_AJAX_UPDATE_OR_INSERT_ATTRIBUTE_COMBINATIONBY_QUANTITY', 'Update or Insert the attribute combination with the given quantity'); //attributeManager.class.php define('AM_AJAX_TEMPLATES', '-- Templates --'); //---------------------------- // Change: download attributes for AM // // author: mytool //----------------------------- define('AM_AJAX_FILENAME', 'File'); define('AM_AJAX_FILE_DAYS', 'Days'); define('AM_AJAX_FILE_COUNT', 'Max. downloads'); define('AM_AJAX_DOWLNOAD_EDIT', 'Edit download option'); define('AM_AJAX_DOWLNOAD_ADD_NEW', 'Add download option'); define('AM_AJAX_DOWLNOAD_DELETE', 'Delete download option'); define('AM_AJAX_HEADER_DOWLNOAD_ADD_NEW', 'Add download option for \"%s\"'); define('AM_AJAX_HEADER_DOWLNOAD_EDIT', 'Edit download option for \"%s\"'); define('AM_AJAX_HEADER_DOWLNOAD_DELETE', 'Delete download option from \"%s\"'); define('AM_AJAX_FIRST_SAVE', 'Save Product before adding options'); //---------------------------- // EOF Change: download attributes for AM //----------------------------- define('AM_AJAX_OPTION_NEW_PANEL','New option:'); ?> It is in the right place but appears the Template just isn't loading but I don't know how to fix this. In IE the Template shows up fine but doesn't work. I get this error: 1366 - Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'options_values_model_no' at row 1 insert into products_attributes (products_id, options_id, options_values_id, options_values_price, options_values_model_no, price_prefix, products_options_sort_order) values ('36', '2', '17', '0.0000', '', ' ', '1') [TEP STOP] I have unloaded and reloaded this twice but not sure what else to do. I DO have Options as Images enabled (and working fine). I have hundreds of attributes/options and this would definitely make my life easier! If anyone can point me in the right direction... I am using the latest version of the contribution with the Extra Field, OSC 2.2 RC 2 and Firefox 3, IE 7. Thanks.