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  1. mirageco

    Mail Manager for OSC v2.3

    just got a quick question for you? i have installed this and now im at the stage of testing... i don't know how to explain it but i will give it ago i getting the contents of the email twice in the one email? dose that make scene ? i have saved my email as a pdf and i will upload it for you too see http://autestserver.info/help.pdf any help please
  2. mirageco

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Good Morning, i have been installing and testing this Modular Front Page.. i cant see to get banner rotate to working. i have spent the last 1hr and half looking tough 56 pages. and i cant find a solution why the images are not loading... this is what i have done Check to see if all the files including the js files are in the correct location. check the settings in admin used banner manager and tryed to upload a picture (Banner) and still northing so i right click on my website just to see if the java script is loading and YES it is. it seems to me it cant find the image DIR
  3. mirageco

    Filter Info boxes

    Just wanted to know if any own has seen a good filter option for Osc 2.3.3 I run ink cartridge web site.. and a filter option would be a nice addition Any assistance in this add-on would be muchly appreciate... Cheers thanks osc people..
  4. i have heavily modified OSC and a install instruction would b good to add i'm having trouble finding what t install. any one can help would be great cheers thanks
  5. mirageco

    Looking for a good SEO addon

    Good afternoon and morning to all, im new to seo header tags, i have just downloaded the lastest. just want to know if there a guide for installation any where?? cheers thanks Nathan
  6. has any one got this working on paypal express? im using os 2.3.3 I get upto payment and I click next and return a error of shopping_cart.php?error_message=The%20totals%20of%20the%20cart%20item%20amounts%20do%20not%20match%20order%20amounts. and go's back to shoipping cart.php
  7. mirageco

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Change to this quite easy //BOF additional features function tep_db_fetch_object($result,$class_name='stdClass') { return mysql_fetch_object($result,$class_name); } //EOF additional features works for me
  8. mirageco

    Instant Search (Google Style)

  9. mirageco

    Jquery UI Autocomplete search box

    dose any one have a close function for the search box? or lost focus close function? this would be a nice little tweak.
  10. I have it working now... seem I paid a freelancer for this.. :) :) :thumbsup:
  11. mirageco

    Coolmenu for 2.3

    did you ever get a cool menu for your osc 2.3? cheers thanks Nathan
  12. I know now I need to create my own box and add it to includes/modules/boxes AND IT NEED TO CONTAIN THIS INFORMATION<p> <script src="
  13. This there away to get superfish menu in to a box, currently i have got it running in my header.php i have messed around for days searched the web and know one can answer the question. i modifided this project to run with osc 2.3.3 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8127 it just uses a require(DIR_WS_MODULE 'cat_navbar.php'); and just a few quick scripting in header.php with added files and css.. has any one figured out how to do this any help would be nice...