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    quick suggestion please

    i looked at it, but thanks for the reply. i might just write one that does what i want by combining 3 or 4 contributions.
  2. ffffffffffffff

    quick suggestion please

    i've searched for hours in the shipping contribution section, installed several, but none are really what i'm looking for yet. here's the situation. we sell furniture and have 5 different drop shippers. each have their own shipping weight/price table. as of now, we just use one shipping table that is the average of them all. recently we had a big problem. someone ordered 600 pounds of furniture from one manufacturer, 300 pounds from another manufacturer, 400 pounds from a third manufacturer, all on one order. our shipping table calculated 1300 pounds and charged them that price, as if all 1300 pounds were coming from the same place. we lost a chunk on shipping but still made money on the total transaction. what we'd like is to have shipping subtotals per maunfacturer that are added together for a total shipping cost that would be what would actually have to pay. thanks so much for your suggestion. we really appreciate it. if you have any questions on what i'm trying to say, let me know. thanks again, josh
  3. ffffffffffffff

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    thanks for the great contribution. i've installed three or four different versions now and i've read the entire forum. here's my question. what would it take to make this work with SEF urls? because as mentioned by several people here, what happens if you have SEF urls turned on is that a record is added to the customer_wishlist table, but it has no data in it. turn off SEF urls and it works fine. i will help if i can. i know a bit of perl and regular expressions. just curious about the future development of the contribution. and if this fix already exists. thanks, josh edited for a typo
  4. ffffffffffffff

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    great contrib, but there's been one problem with this contrib that i haven't seen the fix to yet. i don't know the fix yet, it's probably a sql statement, but i have a little more clarification on the problem several people have had but i haven't seen the answer to. what's happening is there are records being added to the db but they are blank. if you go into mysql and add some info to the records, they show up fine. the problem seems to be the insert sql statement. i'm looking into it now, but thought i'd throw something up here in case there has been a fix for this. and i am using the newest version just so you know. any ideas, let me know, i'll get back to you on whether or not i can fix the insert statement.