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  1. Hey swguy, I found an issue in the taxes line of order total, and I think I have solved with success. When DISPLAY_PRICES_WITH_TAXES = true you have to configure ot_quantity_discount with 'Include Tax = true' and 'Re-calculate Tax = None'. This causes an error: the taxes line of order total does not show the tax discounted. I solved this issue with the next code. I would like to know your opinion about it, Thanks!! At modules/order_total/ot_quantity_discount.php, on function calculate_deductions(), near line 478, inside switch ($this->calculate_tax), I have added a new case: case 'None': reset($order->info['tax_groups']); while (list($key, $value) = each($order->info['tax_groups'])) { $tax_rate = $this->get_tax_rate_from_desc($key); if ($tax_rate > 0) { $od_amount[$key] = ($od_amount['total'] * $tax_rate) / ($tax_rate + 100); $order->info['total'] += $od_amount[$key]; } } break;
  2. Hi swguy, I have experimented an issue with Quantity Discounts working with products of different taxes, the order total, at checkout_confirmation.php, is not being calculated correctly. I have only tested with 2 products with 2 diferent simple taxes, not compounded taxes. I didnt find a solution for this issue. ¿Has someone solved this problem? Thanks for your work!
  3. I have tested it again on a clean osc2.2rc2a with order editor only. I corroborate the issue. In admin/edit_orders.php, when the quantity is modified, the discount and all the other order_total lines refresh correctly. But when the new quantity is without discount (under the first level of quantity discount) the quantity discount's line on order_total doesn't disapears, and shows the previous amount of discount as a string, instead of showing as an input to be manually edited. Although the total cost of the order is showed correctly. Thanks Guy for your interest!
  4. Great work Guy! I noticed a little issue with order editor. In admin/edit_orders.php, when the quantity of items is modified to a quantity under the first level (a quantity without discount), the order editor refreshes and shows the order total correctly, but it continues showing a 'Quantity Discount' line with the previous discount amount that creates confussion. Thanks Guy!
  5. sorry for the short post from above, I will explain what is the problem i have with DCC 3.32 and Paypal Express Checkout: DCC works fine with my other payment methods (bank transfer and credit card) the problem is only with paypal EC. When I'm on checkout_payment.php (after checkout_shipping.php), I check paypal method and I introduce the Coupon code, then I click continue and I'm redirected to paypal. I login in paypal, select a credit card and click continue, then I'm redirected to checkout_confirmation.php where I can see that there is not discount applied. Why?. Observations: If after that, I go back to method payment, introduce the discount code and click continue again, I'm sent to checkout_confirmation.php without passing through paypal, because I'm already logged in paypal, and then the discount is shown and applied ok. I installed DCC 3.32 and 3.33 some times in differents stores. Also I have installed in a clean store, and it also doesnt work. Any expert has an idea? i need some help... Thanks to all,
  6. Hi friends, i have been days and days looking for a solution, but i didnt find it yet. I need some help please! I have DCC 3.32 and Paypal Express Checkout, and they dont work together, any idea?? Thanks!!

    Item based shipping

    use MULTIZONE contribution. Works like zones module and you can use your edited zones in taxes zones.

    Choosing Shipping Module

    hi friends, Im working on a store with a special shipping method. We sale small, medium and large products. I have a special rate with my shipping courier. It is divided in 8 zones, and every zone has 3 diferent prices depending of the product type, small, medium or large. For example: zone 1/ small:1€, medium: 2€, large: 3€ zone 2/ small:1.5€, medium: 4€, large:7€ etc... (The rates are not aritmetical) If a customer buys 3 small products to ship to zone 2, the shipping cost will be 4.5€. Wich module is the best solution for my shipping module? Thanks!!
  9. Anyone knows how to make this module to take the zones from the edited taxes zones? I think the tables name im refering is zones_to_geo_zones. I have been attempting to modify the functions file indvshipzones.php for hours, but im a roockie on mysql querys, i need some help, i am desperating. :( Thanks!! The original file does this query: $zones_query = tep_db_query("SELECT z.zone_code, z.zone_name FROM zones as z");