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  1. Litex

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I apologize for replying to myself in a frenzy, but I have some more info. Part of my problem had absolutely nothing to do with the PayPal IPN module. Embarassingly it was caused by the download files not existing on my development server. :) But there is still an issue (indirectly) with this module. After clicking "Continue" at PayPal and being redirected back to checkout_success.php, the variable $products_array does not exist, so osC is unable to present a list of products for which to enable notification. Also, $last_order does not exist, so includes/modules/downloads.php is unable to present the download links. Any ideas on this one? Thanks folks. - Eric
  2. Litex

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I just tried downgrading my ext/modules/payment/paypal_ipn/ipn.php from "osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.1 For 2.2MS2" to "osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2", but this did not make a difference. - Eric
  3. Litex

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I am having the exact same problem. Unfortunately, I run a digital download site, and it is a show-stopper when the final order status is not set to "Delivered" after we have received payment for a product. When I view one of these problematic orders, I see the following: Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments 02/09/2005 16:27:25 False Delivered PayPal IPN Verified [Pending (Unverified; $3.00); unilateral] 02/09/2005 16:27:29 True Preparing [PayPal IPN] So the 'Preparing' status is getting set AFTER the 'Delivered' status. When this happens, our customers cannot download purchased goods, as the download script checks the most recent order status. Anybody have any ideas on this one? I feel it can't be too complicated. Thanks in advance! - Eric