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  1. Please accept my thanks for the idea of a great contribution. However, I noticed a lot of imperfections. You should add support for multiple pages when displaying products by manufacturer (not just by the category). Example: if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['page']) && ($HTTP_GET_VARS['page'] != '1')) { $page = ' - ' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['page']; $meta_title_tag = $manufacturer_name['manufacturers_name'] . $page; $meta_description_tag = $manufacturer_name['manufacturers_name'] . $page; } else { $meta_title_tag = $manufacturer_name['manufacturers_name']; $meta_description_tag = $manufacturer_name['manufacturers_name']; } You should further filter the keywords to be more correct. This requires ignores all other characters than the characters of the alphabet and numbers, and as space permits only a comma (can be with space). In addition, the keywords should be lowercase, even if the names are. My propose for this: $meta_keywords_tag = $product_meta['products_name']; $meta_keywords_tag = ereg_replace('( / | |-)', ', ', $meta_keywords_tag); $meta_keywords_tag = strtolower($meta_keywords_tag); In the above example, the product named "DVD Recorder DMR-EZ485VK / digital tuner / VCR / HDMI" will be displayed correctly in meta keywords, as: "dvd, recorder, dmr, ez485vk, digital, tuner, vcr, hdmi" and NOT as: "DVD Recorder DMR-EZ485VK / digital tuner / VCR / HDMI". Finally, please explain to me, to which links have specified below condition? if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'])) { Kind regards to you all.
  2. I noticed that standard variant of the contribution have problem with the validation of pages which contain the character '&' in the path. This new version of the standard variant is improved and is (probably fully) consistent with the requirements of WC3 validation. If you use a standard option, then install the update from here.
  3. I was writing here how to solve this problem. Go back to my posts.
  4. Hello! I prepared a contribute to translate the contents of the store, which is based on Google's technology. It is free to download here: Google translate. Please note, that this is not a thread about Google technology, but it is a thread about the contributions. Post here comments and suggestions only about this contributions. This is carefully prepared contribution which should be helpful for others. Use and enjoy!
  5. When I watch a category in which there is only one page of the products, then I have in title: my_name_of_categoryArray. Therefore, I changed your fragment with: if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['page']) && ($HTTP_GET_VARS['page'] != '1')) { $page = ' - ' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['page']; $meta_title_tag = $category_name['categories_name'] . $page; $meta_description_tag = STORE_NAME . ' : ' . $category_name['categories_name'] . $page; $meta_keywords_tag = $category_name['categories_name'] . $page; } else { $meta_title_tag = $category_name['categories_name']; $meta_description_tag = STORE_NAME . ' : ' . $category_name['categories_name']; $meta_keywords_tag = $category_name['categories_name']; } In addition, w3c validation requires subtraction / (together with space before / sign) from meta. Here revised part of code: echo '<meta name="description" content="' . $meta_description_tag . '">' . "\n"; echo '<meta name="keywords" content="' . $meta_keywords_tag . '">' . "\n";
  6. Yes, this is problem with path. I found this solution for XAMPP on the MAC: 1. Open catalog/phpthump/phpThumb.config.php and find this line: $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['document_root'] = DIR_FS_CATALOG; // oscThumb: added osCommerce directory and change to //$PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['document_root'] = DIR_FS_CATALOG; // oscThumb: added osCommerce directory and after this add this liine: $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['document_root'] = here input your full real path If you have problems still, then do it: 2. Open catalog/oscthumb.php and find this line: chdir(DIR_FS_CATALOG); and change to //chdir(DIR_FS_CATALOG); This is all to work properly. Please, notify me when I committed mistakes.
  7. Hi friend! I published a solution to your problem. Now oscThumb is 100% compatible with w3c. See oscThumb_1.1a package.
  8. Sorry, but I don't know if you have uploaded images to categories or you have not? When you don't have uploaded pictures, then you in Administration -> Configuration -> Images -> Image Required -> set on: false. Otherwise, you need add images to every category.
  9. I think, yes! I need some time for test it. When I done, then I publish new version of oscThumb, which well work with Lightbox. Please be patient. I have corrected some main errors yet.
  10. I think, that reason is it, that oscThumb remembers last thumbnails type setting and right-column is after content product_info.php. Okey, I found two way to solve. First, by adding PRODUCT_INFO_IMAGE_WIDTH and PRODUCT_INFO_IMAGE_HEIGHT for function identify of type or second, by exclusion possibility changing of type for Small Image on product_inf.php page by function identify of type. For this, lines 40-62 of file 'catalog/includes/classes/oscthumb.php' replace with this: function set_type ($src, $width, $height, $thumbnail_type = 0) { // Try to detect what kind of image we are currently processing, so we can do what have to do with it. global $product_info; $this->thumbnail_type = $thumbnail_type; if ($this->thumbnail_type==0) { // If thumbnail type is already chosen, do not try to find it again. if ( $width == SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH && $height == SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT) { $this->thumbnail_type=1; // Small image } elseif ($width == HEADING_IMAGE_WIDTH && $height == HEADING_IMAGE_HEIGHT) { $this->thumbnail_type=2; // Heading image } elseif ($width == SUBCATEGORY_IMAGE_WIDTH && $height == SUBCATEGORY_IMAGE_HEIGHT) { $this->thumbnail_type=3; // Subcategory image } elseif ($width == PRODUCT_INFO_IMAGE_WIDTH && $height == PRODUCT_INFO_IMAGE_HEIGHT) { $this->thumbnail_type=4; // Product info image } elseif (basename ($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])== FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO) { // Final check just to make sure that we don't interfere with other contribs. if (isset($product_info['products_image']) && $src == DIR_WS_IMAGES . $product_info['products_image'] && $product_info['products_id']==(int)$_GET['products_id']) { $this->thumbnail_type=4; // Product info image } } elseif (basename ($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'])== FILENAME_POPUP_IMAGE) { $this->thumbnail_type=5; // Popup image } } } and in product_info.php SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT, replace with PRODUCT_INFO_IMAGE_WIDTH, PRODUCT_INFO_IMAGE_HEIGHT, or erase it fragment. From this time, all images which have declared PRODUCT_INFO_IMAGE_WIDTH and PRODUCT_INFO_IMAGE_HEIGHT on each page or images without declared dimension on product_info.php will be set thumbnail type for Product Info Image. Committed any errors? Anyone have a better solution this?
  11. Why do I think that review will change the way? I wrote that the boxes 'What's new?' and 'Reviews' or 'Specials' uses the same display rule. If you have something bad in the 'Reviews', when it should be same in 'What's new?' and 'Specials', is not it? I noticed problem with large width of product image earlier. Today, I see that I have no problem. Check it out on the oscDemo. Of course, NO! ^ check on my oscDemo. You can set the display of original images for other types, such as: logos, buttons, etc. Not checked this, but all images displayed in columns is probably one category. Encrypt Image Filenames option is rather allowed to test a whole.
  12. I had a problem with images in columns (left or right) when width of image exceeded width of the column. However, the problem disappeared. I will check it again. Box 'What's new?' and 'Revievs' or 'Specials' uses the same display rule, so I think. You suggesting that I have to set the size of main image (product image) on the 300? I did it. Please note, that I have now version 1.1 of oscThumb, which exactly installed according to the information in the Install.html file. Encrypt Image Filenames (with thumbnails and watermarks) is a essence feature of this contribution. There is no need to disable Encrypt Image Filenames option. ;)
  13. Show screenshots instead to describe the problem. It is easier to identify. Someone can help you quickly, when see the error. For example, errors phpThumb have violet background.
  14. Fresh installation - I had in mind that nothing is included before. I uploaded the new files, this should be good for everyone. Here is latest 1.1 version of oscThumb.
  15. oscThum does not support this, but you can use a file popup_image.php from my other contributions what named Image Mix.