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  1. Psytanium

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Hope you preserved the previous OSC structure (but with improved coding) so we don't find ourselves in a completely new platform bearing only the name of OSC. Regarding the programming language, for example Opencart followed very similar structure to OSC, I feel familiar with the platform customization. But unfortunately they used template engines like TWIG and TPL, what makes it really annoying to customize and modify the code. I think if you preserve the OSC structure without any additional php engines, that would be great for the community.
  2. Psytanium

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Congratulation on the new version of oscommerce. I have few questions please: Are you going to implement template engines like TWIG or TPL similar to Opencart ? or pure PHP like he previous OSC, Wordpress and Magento ?? Preferably no. Does v4 use the same programming logic as OSC2.3 ? or completely different structure ? Thanks
  3. Psytanium

    Lost images problem

    Hello, Sometimes images are lost, i don't know the reason, and i have a question, when I duplicate a product, the images are duplicated ? what if I delete a product later, does this delete the images too or just removed from database ? Thanks
  4. Psytanium

    Google Analytic Ecommerce header tag

    Now its working, it takes aprox 1h to appear on Analytic, maybe because the module is recently activated. As i mentioned, im using the default ht module that comes with osc2.3
  5. Psytanium

    Google Analytic Ecommerce header tag

    Thanks a lot for your advises.. 1 more question. Are you using the default Google analytic ht module that comes with 2.x ?
  6. Psytanium

    Google Analytic Ecommerce header tag

    Does the orders appears there immediately ? or it takes some hours to show up ?
  7. Psytanium

    Google Analytic Ecommerce header tag

    @LeeFoster it was enabled already. But i was looking in the wrong place. The "What are your top selling products" box is there. screenshot :
  8. Psytanium

    Google Analytic Ecommerce header tag

    @LeeFoster No, didn't find "top selling products" box. I attached a screenshot to make sure im looking in the right place.
  9. Psytanium

    Google Analytic Ecommerce header tag

    Yes , turned on
  10. Hello, I installed the Google Analytic header tag that comes with a fresh osc2.3.4.1, ecommerce is set to True, I made some test orders, but nothing appears in Google Analytic eCommerce reports. Anyone know if it takes time to show up ? or maybe the ht module is outdated ? How can I test and confirm if its working fine ? Thanks
  11. Hello, I found that Google Chrome unregister all sessions when the customer is redirected to the payment page, this problem is happening on Google Chrome, while Firefox when the customer is redirected back to checkout_process, he will be logged in and redirected to checkout_success. Any idea why Google Chrome unregister the sessions whn the tab is closed ? All the best,
  12. Hello, I have ot_total installed and set to true, to my knowledge, the value is passed from $this->info['total'] in order.php class. I added some value like $this->info['total'] + 10. But the number is always the same, even I removed completely this code from oder.php if (DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX == 'true') { $this->info['total'] = $currencies->numerical_currency($this->info['subtotal'], $currency, $this->info['currency_value']) + $this->info['shipping_cost']; } else { $this->info['total'] = $currencies->numerical_currency($this->info['subtotal'], $currency, $this->info['currency_value']) + $currencies->numerical_currency($this->info['tax'], $currency, $this->info['currency_value']) + $this->info['shipping_cost']; } Where could it still coming from ???
  13. Psytanium

    The Feedmachine Solution

    Hello, I installed feedmachine on osc2.3.4, but have some questions please: Should I fill the FTP credentials ? How do I know if the addon is working ? The google-product-search.txt file is empty, it should have some content ? When I click Generate and upload feed now, nothing happen, should i get a success message or something ? If i run the file admin/feedmachine.php i get this error: languages array built currencies array built taxes array built countries array built categories array built number of products: 1592 number of cycles: 2 Warning: mysql_num_fields() expects parameter 1 to be resource, object given in /home/macrotro/public_html/insight/feedmachine.php on line 339 The field products_id specified in the google-product-search.txt feed does not exist in any of the queried tables. Please ensure you have entered the correct field name and that it exists in one of the tables queried in $master_query (see code) Thx
  14. Psytanium

    Sync OSC with Facebook catalog

    @raiwa so I install "The Feemachine Solution" then I install "Google Product Search Feed". That's it ? how do I connect it to Facebook Shop to sync products ? The addons description didn't mention any Facebook hook. Thank you
  15. Psytanium

    [Addon] Facebook Pixel

    is it possible with this Addon to sync osc products with Facebook shop ?