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  1. jasonc31

    xcreating a site using moduals

    STS ? sorry not sure what this is can you please provide a link to it cheers
  2. I have decided to use osCommerce and have setup the default install and looked around and all seem to be what i would like but.... would like to find out if someone has recreated the complete osCommerce package so the end-user can tailor make they stores design. maybe i have missed it and this had been done or can be done already with what i already have and i just needed to look a bit harder. i currently use the INCLUDE() method to bring my pages together. i have a basic index.php file that is viewed each time a page is viewed and the site uses the $_GET[] method to show the relevant pages by including them can this be done as i wish to have my very own design and feel of my site and not use the standard design of osCommerce. please can anyone give me some pointers as to how i can do this.