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    Product Description 1.3

    Hello, Must say first i am very new to php coding and SQL. I am trying to apply the short description feature to my page using version 2.2 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3123. I use godaddy as web hosting provider. to Opened databases tab and them manage via PHPmyadmin. Them i go to SQL tab in and paste the command "ALTER TABLE `products_description` ADD `short_desc` TEXT;" as instructed. After that i get the error: Error SQL query: ALTER TABLE `products_description` ADD `short_desc` TEXT MySQL said: Documentation #1109 - Unknown table 'products_description' in information_schema I have been looking for products_description at the database but can't find anything. My web page is working fine, so what should i do? Any help will be very appreciated.