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  1. hi all

    i have a probleme. first sorry for my english.

    i have ultrapic (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1642)

    How can I do together http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2409 (categories and product images in folder) and UltraPics 2.08

    I added all image but only Main Image in folder. other images in catalog/images folder.



    i don't want all picture in CATALOG/IMAGES. i want pictures of each product in images/(eg Matrox modem)

    for example: i have a product Matrox modem. i load 6 images with ultrapic add-ons. but all images in CATALOG/images. i dont want it. i want all pictures of the product in CATALOG/IMAGES/MATROXMODEM. for each product will be. how can i do.I hope that I could tell. Thanks

  2. SID killer won`t prevent SID issues, it still appears your loosing the SID


    You could try changing:


    Configuration -> Images -> Image Required set to true


    it is already true. i have used oscommerce rc2a new. same problem.

    Generation Error:

    Missing SID

    Please Refresh your browser

    i have

    in validation_png.php replace








    $rsid = $_GET['rsid'];

    if (($rsid == '') || (strtolower($rsid) == 'null') || (strlen(trim($rsid)) == 0))



    after again no bild. this is big problem. have u got another idea? or sent me your worked shop.