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  1. Vanillekipferl-Baker


    you wont find the footer.php either. they are all in the default.php, much less code though. you should ask thsi question in the general support forum, at least not in this addon forum. Ken
  2. Vanillekipferl-Baker

    Help with easy populate

    everyday there seems to be quite a few people wandering to the wrong place/forum either asking or answering questions. i wonder why people could not be a bit more careful given that you are either about to mod your site or you are about to code both of which would see carefulness as a basic requirement. and for the contribution in question there is even a dedicated thread for it which would be the BEST place to ask your question. Ken
  3. Vanillekipferl-Baker

    Weird Changes

    are you sure this is the right forum for you to post your question? it is weird you posted here: 1. you probably talk about osc v2.2; 2. it is not about any addon. Ken
  4. Vanillekipferl-Baker

    having a little trouble help please

    knowing its the wrong forum yet still keep posting discussions is the beginning of the end of hangover at best, at worst??hmmm...
  5. Vanillekipferl-Baker

    having a little trouble help please

    you guys look like sufferring from a bit of holiday hangover and dont know where you are now...who on earth has made a seo urls contribution for v3???
  6. Vanillekipferl-Baker

    Drop shipments...Add-on?

    why people keep posting here when it is not a contribution for the new osc v3.x??? the moderator removed one such post the other day but now here is one again. please look carefully where you post/answer... Ken
  7. Vanillekipferl-Baker

    Change Language

    this is not addon or is it? i think the right place should be the tips & tricks. Ken