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    mhsuffolk got a reaction from Mikepo in Updated Stripe payment module   
    Using that logic why does anyone use PayPal??
    That said I am prepared to help if I can. I cannot give you access to my account dashboard but I could possibly give you Keys to do test transactions and, at a suitable time convenient for both of us, give you live feedback as to results. Here is the Stripe page with the coding changes, it is way above my paygrade. https://stripe.com/docs/payments/payment-methods
    The current code I believe uses tokens

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    mhsuffolk got a reaction from jckaelin in Updated payment modules for Accept Hosted or Authorize.Net API   
    With the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) coming into force in September in Europe, and coming to other countries in the future, then this request to update ALL payment modules that HPDL created must be addressed. Stripe is a good example and there are many others.
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    mhsuffolk reacted to 14steve14 in Stripe Payment Module   
    I have been trying to get the Stripe Payment module updated fora while, but can get no interest from anyone that knows what they are doing. Earlier last week I received the following email from Stripe.
    It now looks as if the current Stripe module will no longer work after 14th September unless there is an update. If the module is not updated, myself and others that use Stripe as a payment method will have to move to an ecommerce cart that has updated their payment system. Is there one developer out there that is prepared to update this module. I am sure costs could be discussed.
    I also assume that other payment modules will need to be updates also.
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    mhsuffolk reacted to Mikepo in Stripe Elements API V3   
    Hi Martin,
    I will be interested in upgrading to the API V3 soon too!
    I'll have to sit down and see if I can upgrade using the migrating instructions on the stripe website.  I'm not an expert, but are always interested in taking on a challenge.
    When I find time I'll give it go.  I'll let you know.  And if you find a solution please likewise let us all know.
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    mhsuffolk reacted to burt in php 7.2 - updating CE   
    I'm slowly but surely, as and when I can give time, updating the software. 
    Thanks to all who are helping the software to move forward 👍
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    mhsuffolk reacted to Hotclutch in Featured Products BS   
    You would have to replace
    <div class="col-sm-<?php echo $content_width; ?> cm-i-featured_products"> with:
    <div class="col-sm-6 col-lg-3 cm-i-featured_products"> or recode the module.
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    mhsuffolk reacted to Jack_mcs in HoneyPot Captcha   
    All of the wamp packages come with IPV6 set to on, at least the newer ones do. As far as I know, no host enables that as the default (we don't, at least). To turn it off, open the http.conf file and search for Listen. The lines should look like this to turn IPV6 off:
    Listen #Listen [::0]:80  
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    mhsuffolk reacted to Jack_mcs in HoneyPot Captcha   
    It's failing because you have the option to use the IPV6 format enabled. I may put a check in for what type of IP it is but I don't know that I will be changing the code to accept them. IPV6 IP's are still not used much so I don't find it worthwhile, time-wise, to code for them.
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    mhsuffolk reacted to JcMagpie in Support thread for JcM Simple Message Header BS4/3   
    😊 change the file name.
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    mhsuffolk reacted to Mikepo in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    I currently have v2.2 of this URL rewrite module installed and the informations pages module.  All works well, except the information page URLs are converted to :
    which is not very descriptive.
    Is there a way to add something a little more descriptive to the beginning of the URL
    e.g. Visit-our-shop-i-6.html
    I understand that for products, the start of the new URL is taken from the Product name, but for the information page there is no name defined for the page.  There is a title, and that appears on the page itself.  Can this be used to rewrite the URL?
    Or is there any other method or would it require a code change?
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    mhsuffolk reacted to JcMagpie in Removing fake customers   
    Any input form on your site that accepts input from a user and stores it in your database is open to abuse.
    You just have to do what you can to secure each one.
    @Jack_mcs  Honeypot lets you pick which pages to cover so should work for most issues.
    If it’s some idiot sitting at a pc with time on there hands doing the spamming ( and there are many doing this) then there is very little you can do to stop them. Blocking IP’s works for a while but the just move to another using VPN’s!
    If it’s bot’s then the honeypot should catch most of them. They look at the code and when they find a form/input filed they dump rubbish into it.
    Honeypots normally add a hidden ( to the user) filed to the page which the user will not see but the bot’s will and they dump rubbish into it which tells the honeypot that it’s not a human and it can block that bot.
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    mhsuffolk reacted to Jack_mcs in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    Or you could lower the short word setting.
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    mhsuffolk reacted to MrPhil in PCI Report Shows Issues   
    Apparently the security scan thinks that there's a chance that 1.0 or 1.1 might end up being used as fallbacks by back-level browsers that don't support 1.2. That's my guess as to why they would flag it. Anyway, you might bring this to the attention of your host and discuss whether it's worth suppressing fallback to 1.0 or 1.1 (I think it can be done, but what's involved, I don't know). Any customer with an old browser that doesn't support TLS 1.2 would be out of luck. You might want to check browser histories and usage statistics, to see how many customers might potentially be affected.
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    mhsuffolk reacted to Jack_mcs in PCI Report Shows Issues   
    If you are referring to the section "Best-for-now Legacy Browser Frame Breaking Script", you can put the first part in the template_top file and the second part in the footer or application_bottom file. 
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    mhsuffolk reacted to Jack_mcs in PCI Report Shows Issues   
    Yes, 1 and 3 are host issues. #2 is probably a host issue to. You can check your site here to see what it shows for TIS.  For #4, there are only a few files that use iframes in the basic code though one of those might be a jquery file so that could explain all of the pages listed. Or maybe you have addons or code changes that use them. This page may help pass the scan.
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    mhsuffolk got a reaction from Jack_mcs in SiteMonitor   
    Update to verbose .
    Have made your suggested change and all appears OK now.
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    mhsuffolk got a reaction from Dan Cole in osCommerce Bootstrap Addons and Code   
    Sort Products in Admin Manually
    Update of original addon by Geofrey Walton This modification has been updated to work on the latest Bootstrap version and PHP 7. It adds a textbox next to the status radio buttons in admin which allows you to enter a manual default sort order for your products.
    Updated Addon:  https://apps.oscommerce.com/OlMtZ
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    mhsuffolk got a reaction from jackstringer in How do I set the currency?   
    Firstly GDP is not a currency so whoever set the store up has got it horribly wrong.
    In admin > Localisation > Currencies add GBP as a currency.
    Set the Exchange rate to 1 i.e. 1 GDP = 1 GBP, it should have defaulted to that
    Set GBP as the default currency
    Delete GDP only after having checked that the prices are showing correctly