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  1. mhsuffolk

    Chrome now marks all HTTP sites as insecure

    Yes, but the majority of customers may not have noticed just a ! symbol, now there are words to back it up.
  2. Note to all. New version of Chrome (68) released 24th July will mark ALL HTTP pages as insecure. Now is the time to change to HTTPS. See here Also, from the future version 69, the secure padlock behaviour will reverse, secure pages will have no padlock shown but insecure pages will have a warning. Confusion will reign I feel.
  3. @BrockleyJohn 95% have two 5% have one None have three I am unsure which is normal or correct. I have no IPN errors from PayPal and non failed in the log on the PayPal site.
  4. Is two IPN responses correct as I always get 2 and everything completes correctly. PayPal app 5.018.
  5. mhsuffolk

    Worldpay Hosted Payments extended

    Snap! Wot he said as well
  6. mhsuffolk

    Worldpay Hosted Payments extended

    On my setup it is the same as yours with these exceptions. The Shopper redirect field should be empty You should have an email address in the Payment Response failure email address field Be aware that occasionally I have instances of the cart not emptying but the payment completing OK. If non of the entries in the list has a green tick then that has probably happened. Martin
  7. Like the proud mother watching her son marching in a military parade exclaiming, "Look, my Jimmie is the only one in step", the USA is, I believe, unique in quoting prices to consumers without the sales tax included. In the EU it is called VAT but it amounts to the same thing. The argument that big companies put forward supporting this, is that it is clear to the shopper just how much they are charging so a comparison from state to state is fair. But the actual cost to the consumer from state to state is different. In the EU there is a wide range of VAT rates from country to country but the total price, including VAT must be displayed both instore and online. The shopkeeper or online person, if their turnover is above a certain amount on a rolling three month annual total, have to register for VAT and produce returns to HMRC, (Internal Revenue) and pay the VAT that they have collected. They are subjected to random personal inspection of their books. It is a two way process as any VAT that they have paid on goods and services that the business has bought can be claimed/offset against the total. That is why it is named VAT (Value Added Tax) as HMRC, in effect, receive tax on the profit generated from the sale. Whilst nobody likes paying it, we all know that VAT is in the price and get on with it. At least when you get to the check out you know in advance how much you will be expected to pay.
  8. I have updated this addon to work with Frozen https://apps.oscommerce.com/iCbgv but I have not published it as it changes core code instead of being a module and I fear being shot down. However it works perfectly. It provides the ability to change the number of days for Best Seller days and New Product days under Maximum Values in admin 4 files to amend and 2 SQL routines and it's done If them that knows think it is suitable as an addon then I will publish it Here are the instructions Best Sellers for Frozen.zip
  9. mhsuffolk

    Texting Promotions?

    In the UK, Ofcom and the ICO could get involved if they receive complaints. Big fines...
  10. mhsuffolk

    'Safer Payments' Registration - World Pay

    Hi. It is a very simple process and will give you the necessary PCI security rating. Basically it is to prove that you are NOT seeing or holding card details and to establish how you connect to the internet e.g. whether your PC is on a network and can others access it. Just answer the questionnaire and they will issue a 12 month certificate. Because they are handling the card details a lot of the questionnaire is not relevant, however you have to do this to comply. Do not ignore it, they will keep chasing you until it is done. Martin
  11. mhsuffolk

    Paypal duplicate orders

    I suspect it is a marketing ploy by PP to get you onto a platform with even higher fees. I have had my osCommerce shop since 2009 and had always had both PP (high fees) and Worldpay (a merchant account with much lower fees) as options. I had Worldpay as the first payment option and PayPal at the bottom of the list. As an experiment in February I disabled the PP APP thus removing that option. Sales have not diminished significantly and several of my regular PP customers have started using Worldpay thus saving me a significant amount in fees. PP has become the easy option as it stores the card numbers of those too lazy to enter them, but a lot of major internet traders do not offer PP as an option. Perhaps the time has come to bite the bullet and cast PP adrift, they might even lower their fees!
  12. mhsuffolk

    Minor Security Issue

    @Jack_mcs I use your excellent Site Monitor Add on, will that catch this? Also where do I find the .htaccess code for a pop up login.
  13. Attempting to explain this in simple terms. Do this and you can safely ignore the warning message in your original post. In your cPanel look for Directory Privacy in the Files section. It may be called "Password protect directories" Click on it and a list of the directories on the server will appear. Click on your admin directory (which incidentally should have been renamed) and then tick the "Password protect this directory" box, create a user name which can be the same as your OSC login name and a different strong password to your OSC admin one The Enter a name etc box is the text that is displayed to anybody attempting to log in. Humorously I have "What are you doing here? Your Cpanel may look different to mine but the principal is the same for all variations.
  14. Hi mhsuffolk,

    Could you help me please

    Would you be so kind to update First Item $X, Additional Items $Y Shipp  for Bootsrap Edge, for PHP 7.1, please?

    Or alternatively can you suggest something else that would do the same job?

    Thank you,





    1. mhsuffolk


      Hi, I don't use this now but this should work.

      Find in firstpluszones.php on line 19

          function firstpluszones() {

      Replace with

          function __construct() {

      Let me know if it works please.


    2. thadson


      It seems that there were problems with both files.

      in the modules - shipping dir, I had to add a bunch of  single quotation marks like

      $countries_table = constant(MODULE_SHIPPING_FIRSTPLUSZONES_ZONES_COUNTRIES_ . $i);


      $countries_table = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_FIRSTPLUSZONES_ZONES_COUNTRIES_' . $i);

      I also had to change the definition of MODULE_SHIPPING_FIRSTPLUSZONES_TEXT_WAY from

      define('MODULE_SHIPPING_FIRSTPLUSZONES_TEXT_WAY', '(£%s first item, £%s each additional item)');


      define('MODULE_SHIPPING_FIRSTPLUSZONES_TEXT_WAY', '($%s first item, $%s each additional item)');

      Now it seems to work...

      Thank you again for all your help, I appreciate it.

  15. mhsuffolk

    Worldpay Hosted Payments extended

    Thanks John, works perfectly now.