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  1. Minor Security Issue

    @Jack_mcs I use your excellent Site Monitor Add on, will that catch this? Also where do I find the .htaccess code for a pop up login.
  2. Attempting to explain this in simple terms. Do this and you can safely ignore the warning message in your original post. In your cPanel look for Directory Privacy in the Files section. It may be called "Password protect directories" Click on it and a list of the directories on the server will appear. Click on your admin directory (which incidentally should have been renamed) and then tick the "Password protect this directory" box, create a user name which can be the same as your OSC login name and a different strong password to your OSC admin one The Enter a name etc box is the text that is displayed to anybody attempting to log in. Humorously I have "What are you doing here? Your Cpanel may look different to mine but the principal is the same for all variations.
  3. Hi mhsuffolk,

    Could you help me please

    Would you be so kind to update First Item $X, Additional Items $Y Shipp  for Bootsrap Edge, for PHP 7.1, please?

    Or alternatively can you suggest something else that would do the same job?

    Thank you,





    1. mhsuffolk


      Hi, I don't use this now but this should work.

      Find in firstpluszones.php on line 19

          function firstpluszones() {

      Replace with

          function __construct() {

      Let me know if it works please.


    2. thadson


      It seems that there were problems with both files.

      in the modules - shipping dir, I had to add a bunch of  single quotation marks like

      $countries_table = constant(MODULE_SHIPPING_FIRSTPLUSZONES_ZONES_COUNTRIES_ . $i);


      $countries_table = constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_FIRSTPLUSZONES_ZONES_COUNTRIES_' . $i);

      I also had to change the definition of MODULE_SHIPPING_FIRSTPLUSZONES_TEXT_WAY from

      define('MODULE_SHIPPING_FIRSTPLUSZONES_TEXT_WAY', '(£%s first item, £%s each additional item)');


      define('MODULE_SHIPPING_FIRSTPLUSZONES_TEXT_WAY', '($%s first item, $%s each additional item)');

      Now it seems to work...

      Thank you again for all your help, I appreciate it.

  4. Worldpay Hosted Payments extended

    Thanks John, works perfectly now.
  5. Worldpay Hosted Payments extended

    I have installed this to replace an old version, it works fine but I cannot find where to alter the transaction description parameter, it does not appear in the admin section of the module. I would like to see what customers have ordered in the Worldpay email that I receive. Martin
  6. Security Message

    On the Security Checks page you have to click on the version check wording in the second column headed "Module". Then the version check routine will run and the message will clear
  7. I am confused. I thought I was helping you not you teaching me. I know how to set up all the parameters you mention. I was trying to clarify Raiwa's post and help cmjain735
  8. No It is in Modules-> Shipping and then install the Zones module Mine looks like this
  9. You can have it as grams if you wish In includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/zones.php change line 16 define('MODULE_SHIPPING_ZONES_TEXT_UNITS', 'grams'); On the product listing if it is 186 grams input 186.00
  10. Let me explain Here is my weight based table 100:2.00,250:2.30,345:3.40,2000:4.40,5000:7.50 It equates to; 0-100 grams £2.00 101-250 grams £2.30 251-345 grams £3.40 346-2000 grams £4.50 2001-5000 grams £7.50 I hope this helps. Martin
  11. Paypal duplicate orders

    Yes it does. Using PayPal app 5.018 Subject and discussion of this topic is that PayPal appeared for a while to inform customers that their order was unsuccessful and that they should repeat the process. This resulted in two identical orders from the customer with different order numbers, Each of these orders produced one email, not two. The last time this happened in my shop was 19th October so hopefully PP have sorted this out now, unless anybody knows different...
  12. Exposing Admin Folder Name in Emails

    My host will not help as I am on a shared server. They suggested an htaccess solution which did not work. I have tried this and it works. Is there anything detrimental is this approach as it seems too easy.
  13. Exposing Admin Folder Name in Emails

    OK Thank you for your help.
  14. Exposing Admin Folder Name in Emails

    I have tried that and the admin directory no longer shows. The email has come from the root name of my server at the hosting company rather than my stores email address and now instead of /admin/mail.php I have /test.php in the two X-PHP lines. I named the new file test.php
  15. Exposing Admin Folder Name in Emails

    mail.add_x_header is set to off however expose_php is set to on. This is on a shared server with a reputable hosting company.