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  1. mhsuffolk

    Spam Accounts

    I use @burt Maths Captcha add on which stops all of them. Join the Phoenix Club at the top of the listing page and take advantage of the vast number of addons available.
  2. mhsuffolk

    You do not have permissions to make this API call

    Have you tried clicking this? As you can see I have five fields populated.
  3. mhsuffolk

    Order breakdown in Paypal Standard

    When the customer is taken to PayPal, unless there are a lot of items in the order, the items that they have ordered appear on some of the PP pages.
  4. mhsuffolk

    Order breakdown in Paypal Standard

    Oh 🤔
  5. mhsuffolk

    Order breakdown in Paypal Standard

    How many different items are in the order? There appearers to be a maximum number of characters and or item lines allowed before it amalgamates them into a single entry using your store name.
  6. mhsuffolk

    Information Pages SEO addon

    Thanks you again for you work on this addon, however the link is broken it just takes you to the top of the page.
  7. mhsuffolk

    Cloud VPS for OsC

    Is it Amazon or AWS (Amazon Web Services)? I believe AWS is their cloud hosting offering and can contain lots of baddies.
  8. mhsuffolk

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Many customers do not know where they live. I have had, entering the incorrect Postal Town or using the village name instead. Giving me the Post Code for their previous address, and cramming the entire address into Address Line 1 with a random entry in the City field are just a few examples.
  9. mhsuffolk

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    Developments.. Large amount of heel digging by me. Transcript of Chat. OK. I have a duplicated transaction of £44.22 for the first time ever using CE Phoenix (Oscommerce) with their Stripe approved SCA Addon. Yesterday another user reported the same issue to you and you stated that no one else had had the issue, but now I have. There is error text in the first one Error message "message": "This PaymentIntent's amount could not be updated because it has a status of succeeded. You may only update the amount of a PaymentIntent with one of the following statuses: requires_payment_method, requires_confirmation, requires_action." "type": "invalid_request_error" J I'm currently reading your inquiry, give me a few minutes while I pull up your information. OK J To clarify you were using the Stripe plugin from CE Phoenix (Oscommerce), is that correct? Yes. It has worked flawlessly for nearly a year up to now J In this case, to update the integration, I wish I could be of a bit more help here, but since CE Phoenix (Oscommerce) built their integration with Stripe, they’ll be best able to help you with this directly. Me I understand, but nothing has changed in the Phoenix software. I and the other users update it ourselves when there is a new version released. So something must have changed at the Stripe end of the process. This is too much of a coincidence. J It looks like there was indeed more than one payment made by this customer. It’s possible that this customer may have gone through your checkout flow a second time, or they may have clicked “Pay” more than once while awaiting confirmation. Me Possibly BUT, only one instance of the order in Phoenix exists, only one Webhook response exists against the order and it is timed at 21.35 which is the first payment. The second one is 21.38 which presumably is your system trying again. The customer would have received an email confirmation immediately so why click a second time. She would have had to create a second order to achieve this anyway. J I'm afraid that this wouldn't be an issue we could best help with in chat, but I’d be happy to create a support request for you and have one of my colleagues follow up via email shortly. Is that ok with you? Ah, the email has just arrived, I will report back.
  10. mhsuffolk

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I have had one yesterday, the two payments were 4 minutes apart and the first one although completing the payment has this error. Error message "message": "This PaymentIntent's amount could not be updated because it has a status of succeeded. You may only update the amount of a PaymentIntent with one of the following statuses: requires_payment_method, requires_confirmation, requires_action." "type": "invalid_request_error" I can see that both payments are coming to my Bank, now going to contact Stripe
  11. mhsuffolk

    TLS1.2 again

    Does your PayPal work as expected and does it capture payments, complete the order correctly and the funds appear in your PP account? If so, forget that error. That test will fail on ALL sites now and is not required. However you still need TLS v 1.2
  12. New UK Bank Transfer requirements are now coming into force, where in addition to the Sort Code and Account Number, your customers will be required to fill in your bank accounts name and whether it is a Business account. For anybody using any of the Bank Transfer payment addons I recommend you ensure the account name field is correct and if your account is a Business one add this to the Bank Name. For example Barclays (Business)
  13. mhsuffolk

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I have random issues with it. As @14steve14 I see this in admin on the order page sometimes and it reflects in the invoice. It is not consistent but it never happens if there is only one item in the order, but the emails are always correct. It is only Stripe that does this. Update. Just realised I have not had one since the update was applied. I will keep you updated.
  14. Yes I echo that. Many addons have not caught up to beyond which is where my live shop is at. They will of course. I plan to wait for and when most addons that I use are compatible before moving on.
  15. Just Received from PayPal " At PayPal we are here to support you and we know that the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on the global economy has serious implications for your business. We have seen that you have been particularly impacted by recent customer behavior and so we would like to offer a temporary refund policy on your account. This means that from today until April 30th, PayPal will not withhold any of the transaction fees when we process a refund on your behalf. We understand this is a difficult time for businesses, and we want to do our part to help support you. The updated policy will be automatically applied to your account. If you have questions about any of these changes or your account, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Your team at PayPal" What they do not realise is that I have been successfully moving customers over to Stripe. Ha Ha