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  1. No. I have a few customers in the Germany, The Netherlands, and Australasia. I have no trade in the USA, my product is of no interest there. My site is receiving the usual amount of orders.
  2. In "Who's Online" I am seeing single IPs, many times in the course of 30 minutes, going no further than accessing site but they go nowhere else. Example: 00:04:32 0 Guest 11:55:57 11:55:57 / I presume the forward slash means they just go to index.php and no further Should I be concerned Martin
  3. Sort Products in Admin Manually Update of original addon by Geofrey Walton This modification has been updated to work on the latest Bootstrap version and PHP 7. It adds a textbox next to the status radio buttons in admin which allows you to enter a manual default sort order for your products. Updated Addon:
  4. I have just started building an Edge store to replace my 2.3.4 version and am currently installing the addons I have in the old store. I have installed the excellent Product Sort addon Product Sort and as it needed several modification to work on Edge I have updated the instructions. I would like to add it to the existing listing for others to use. I cannot see how to do this. Martin
  5. I use standard and have always used checkout_process.php. It works fine. Martin
  6. If you log in to your World Pay admin, under "reports" you can run various queries. Or you can view them in your PayPal account Martin
  7. You will need to sign up for a Worldpay Online payment Gateway account which they will then link to your business bank account. Your customers are taken to their website to pay thus reducing considerably your compliance requirements. You can create your own payment page on their website or use their generic one.
  8. How do you want them sorted, Name, value, price?
  9. Don't forget what I posted in #4
  10. Firstly GDP is not a currency so whoever set the store up has got it horribly wrong. In admin > Localisation > Currencies add GBP as a currency. Set the Exchange rate to 1 i.e. 1 GDP = 1 GBP, it should have defaulted to that Set GBP as the default currency Delete GDP only after having checked that the prices are showing correctly
  11. How is your installation set up on the Wordpay site and is your store in GBP Can you access the Worldpay admin on the Worldpay site?
  12. Bank Transfer Use the 10th Feb 2010 version by Fimble Works perfectly in and does what you require. Another case of more recent add on modifications being a retrograde step
  13. What @@Tsimi said plus use this addon as the original Worldpay module in 2.2 will fail as it uses javascript which Worlpay now strip out
  14. I use Worldpay in the UK. I am not quite sure of your problem. Surely your store has GBP as the default currency? My overseas customers have no problem using worldpay as providing they have entered the correct country in their address worldpay will accept any currency and charge the customer the appropiate amount of Groats or whatever.
  15. Thank you Jack Solved