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  1. NBA

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Hello, can I use the contrib when I need quantities for my product options? That means I have many products whhith the option "size". And the values are often Small, Medium, Large etc. But the quantity for each product is different (after the order from customers..). Is the contrib ready for quantities? Thanks. NBA
  2. Hello, I'm searching for a newsletter contrib with double-opt-in. The newsletter recipient gets a email with confirmation link. The recipient have to confirm this link and only then the recipient gets the newsletter. The contrib should have db-support. Thanks NBA
  3. Hello, i havve installed the contrib and it works. But one thing is not so good for me, it is the automatically logout after XX minutes. Yes this is savely but I want to change this but I can't find the right code. Do you can help me to chang this time. Thanks. NBA PS: I hope you can understand my english :-)