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    The ethnic designs and stunning appeal our costume jewelry made them quite a popular pick.
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  1. hi, I need an addon - which will make product pages endless pages. I mean when you scroll down to near end of the page next product results loads by them self. like you see at this blog http://www.dazeddigital.com/music when you reach near end next blog post loads and page never ends. I found a website which provide infinite scroll script for wordpress http://www.infinite-scroll.com/ you can see the demo this the site itself. I need such script java/ jquery for oscommerce shop. Thanks in advance
  2. bhavatmaj

    Total Newb - I need to add Spanish to my site

    please read this whole topic http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=274968 . you will get all information you need to know.
  3. bhavatmaj

    Where is the Install-button?

    v3 is in alfa mode only and not even beta, it has many bugs and needs improvement. It need some time.
  4. bhavatmaj

    Importing into different tables

    first del table "products" and then rename "osc_products" to "products" and so on.
  5. bhavatmaj

    Problem importing data

    first del table "products" and then rename "osc_products" to "products" and so on.
  6. bhavatmaj

    Where is the Install-button?

    any expected date when will final version will be released.