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    Gerard v/d Vegt (nl)
  1. Picto

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    Hi Olaf, i have been busy with this contrib and it is working great with images, links, backgrounds. At the moment i want to add html email to other mails that are provided from other modules. Now i am busy with tho admin/customers.php file with the contrib control login (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1154). Here an email will be send when customer account is approved by admin. I added UHtmlEmails/customers.php and the language file as needed. I also added the lines needed on admin/customers.php. The email can be send and received. But i only see hardcore html in the mail. No images or backgrounds! I have seen this problem ones before but i can't find the solution again how i solved it at that time. Hope you can give that little advice i need. Thanks, Gerard p.s. in order editor it works fine where i installed uhtml emails to. Here is a piece of the lines from admin/customers.php // BOF Control Login case 'setflag': if ( ($HTTP_GET_VARS['flag'] == '0') || ($HTTP_GET_VARS['flag'] == '1') ) { if ($HTTP_GET_VARS['cID']) { tep_set_customers_status($HTTP_GET_VARS['cID'], $HTTP_GET_VARS['flag']); } if(CONTROL_LOGIN == 'true') { // BOF Control Login email mod to notify customers when their account has been activated - by Martin Mills March 05 if ($HTTP_GET_VARS['flag'] == '1') { //selects user's profile based on the URL parameter used to reset status $query = 'SELECT * from customers where customers_id='.$HTTP_GET_VARS['cID']; $result = mysql_query($query); if (!$result) { //this will show you any errors in the query - for testing purposes $message = 'Invalid query: ' . mysql_error() . "\n"; $message .= 'Whole query: ' . $query; die($message); } $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result); //define recipient's email address $email=$row{'customers_email_address'}; //define recipient's first name $firstname=$row{'customers_firstname'}; //define return address $headers = EMAIL_ACTIVATE_FROM; mail; //define your message //--- Beginning of addition: Ultimate HTML Emails ---// if (EMAIL_USE_HTML == 'true') { require(DIR_FS_CATALOG_MODULES . 'html_mail/'. HTML_EMAIL_LAYOUT .'/control_login.php'); $message = $html_email; }else{ //--- End of addition: Ultimate HTML Emails ---// $message = EMAIL_ACTIVATE_GREETING. ' ' .$firstname. ",\n\n".EMAIL_ACTIVATE_MESSAGE."\n\n".STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS."\n\n".STORE_NAME_ADDRESS."\n\n".EMAIL_ACTIVATE_SIGNOFF."\n\n".STORE_OWNER.", ".STORE_NAME; //--- Beginning of addition: Ultimate HTML Emails ---// } if(HTML_EMAIL_DEVELOPMENT_MODE === 'true'){ //Save the contents of the generated html email to the harddrive in .htm file. This can be practical when developing a new layout. $TheFileName = 'Last_mail_from_control_login.php.htm'; $TheFileHandle = fopen($TheFileName, 'w') or die("can't open error log file"); fwrite($TheFileHandle, $message); fclose($TheFileHandle); } //--- End of addition: Ultimate HTML Emails ---// mail ($email, EMAIL_ACTIVATE_SUBJECT, $message, $headers); } } // EOF Control Login email mod } tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CUSTOMERS, '', 'NONSSL')); break; // EOF Control Login
  2. Picto


    Vger, i have installed everything of ccgv latest version. Seems to work very fine. Thanx for the contri. Now i got one problem on the checkout_payment.php when redeeming an coupon code. I don't get the error messages. I do get the red banner withe the heading title but not the message. Everything seem to be installed correctly and i've been looking over the files for several times. Maybe you have an suggestion otherwise i will continue struggling. Thx Gerard from Holland
  3. Picto

    [contribution] Star Product

    This is for me the same! Any solution yet!
  4. Picto

    Article Manager v1.0

    Problem solved! I had some unused codes in my includes/header.php and my includes/footer.php I had disabled the codes between the <!--- blablabla ---> , but made a conflict with Article manager. All pages are visible again. Thanx for the great contribution. Regards, Gerard (nl) Thanx for the reply Jack!
  5. Picto

    Article Manager v1.0

    I have the same problem as jlb922. First i installed Article Manager 1.57 what worked great only i couldnot see the overviews because Header Tags SEO wasn't installed. Now i've installed Header Tags SEO and also that works wonderfull but now i get blank pages (only header and footer are visible on articles.php) on the frontend when i want to read an article i made in admin. I can see the box with links. It must be something with the Header Tags SEO. I don't use any template. Thanks, Gerard