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  1. newbi2009

    500 error after pymt success

    I am so lost as to what's going on :( Set up 2 stores this week and getting a 500 internal error on both stores after payment is made. It won't redirect to the checkout_success page. I have set up 4 previous Osc shops and have never encountered this problem. Everything is done the same. Only difference is these 2 stores are setup on difference servers, but why should that matter? So I know there is nothing wrong with the pymt mod. Why won't it redirect ???? A little more info on both stores after payment is made, it goes to "shop/ext/modules/payment/pymt/pymt.php?order_id=11&status=approve" where it shows a 500 internal error. It won't redirect to the checkout_success page. The payment does show in the customers account as paid and ready. Everything else works fine in the stores except for this, but we only have the one pymt method so I need to figure out what the problem is. Really don't know my way around the technical side of it all, so please forgive my ignorance to certain terms. The guy who made my mod says it's an issue with my hosting, but my hosting has no clue what I'm talking about. Does this sound like a config issue? Or a file I need to update? Someone please help!
  2. I haven't found anything in the contributions about a Zombaio payment mod. I search different programming sites, and I see it has been done by making changes to the paypal mod I believe. Does anyone know how to do this? IS anyone willing to tackle this? I have so many OSC stores and I just signed up with them and I so need this mod :( Please pm if you know how, I'll be sooo grateful! Zombaio Developper docs are here - https://www.zombaio.com/developer_doc.asp