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  1. I would also like to know how you sorted lightbox please Thanks Barry
  2. My additional images settings are:- Automatically create 3 image set false Background color Pre-fill upload dir w/ Category names true Pre-fill starting with this sub-dir products Use image size restrictions false Product Info: Show Additional Images false Product Info: Product Image Behavior popup Product Info: Group parent with sub-images false Product Info: Restrict parent image size false Product Info: Table alignment right Product Info: Table location sides Product Info: Number of columns 2 Product Info: Number of rows 2 Popup: Show Thumbnail Menu false Thumb Menu: Show parent image false Thumb Menu: Use image size restrictions true Thumb Menu: Table alignment right Thumb Menu: Table location below Thumb Menu: Number of columns 2 Thumb Menu: Number of rows 2 Automatically create 3 image set Thanks Barry
  3. Hi Thank you, I tried that change to includes/classes/displayimages.php but i'm still getting the pop up box with no image in the box but the message "Not Found The requested URL /shop/FILENAME_POPUP_ADD_IMAGE was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." Any ideas please ?
  4. For various perverse reasons I want to do the following but can't work out how:- 1st - I want to disable to popups (ie the box that jumps out at you when you click on "click to enlarge"). 2nd - On the front page in the "Whats New for 'Month'" in the middle of the page I want to change which size image are used for the products. I want to know where it defines which size image (i.e. small, medium or large) is displayed for each product show. 3rd - I also want to change the image size used in the product listing. I seem to have got in a muddle and lost my way so any help with the above would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....
  5. Well would you believe it. I've now found the answer to this. Searcg Engine Safe URLs should have been set to false. BUT....now I haven't got anything in the pop-up window. It just says 'The requested URL /shop/FILENAME_POPUP_ADD_IMAGE was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.' Anyone any ideas PLEASE ?????
  6. I have a problem with this contribution that I can not solve. When this module loaded all my products appeared on the front page and in the catagorys. When you click on a catagory the products appear OK. But when you click on any product it does NOT appear. I only get a message saying 'Product not found!' Can someone please point me in the right direction to solving this. I have reloaded this module 3 times and checked every change several times. Thanks
  7. lorweb

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Installing this addon makes my site crash. When I try to perform Step 9 "tep_expire_specials();" is not there. And when I try to perform step 10 "define('TABLE_HEADING_DATE_EXPECTED', 'Date Expected');" is not there either. Can someone tell me where these should be please because i've tried adding them and it still doesn't work. Thanks
  8. Hi I'm trying to remove the 3 icons on the right hand side of the header (heade_account, header_cart, and header_checkout) I've taken out the code as I would expect to in the header.php file but they are still there. Have I missed something please ??? Thanks lorweb
  9. Sorted that last problem as well by using the 'Update Currency' tab. Just thought i'd add this incase anyone else has the same problem Thanks
  10. I've now sorted the no-price problem. I had deleted the USDollers currency and only left my local currency. So.....I reinstated the USD currency and the price is now shown in USD even though i've set GBPounds as the default/primary. So how do I get it to show the price in GBP please anyone. Thanks....Hopefully !
  11. I have the same problem. The price doesn't show on the product page see http://www.5inchrail.com/shop/index.php/cPath/21 Can anyone advise because i'm at a loss having played with this all day. Thanks Lorweb