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  1. This works well for a temporary fix, which is why I put that "curl -d -k if you have SSL issues" comment in the code.


    However, you really should look or encourage your system admin to look into updating the curl certificate bundles on the server. It is not that the DHL cert is invalid. It is very much valid. it is just that some servers do not "trust" it because those servers have old bundles they look at to determine if something should be trusted or not. Updating your curl cert bundles is not that difficult to do. ;)


    You can also get SSL issues if Curl or OpenSSL was incorrectly installed or configured, in which case, again I'd suggest encouraging your system admin to fix the problem, while using something like this as a temporary solution.

  2. It may be a little overkill, but my MZMT shipping module will do this for you.


    You'd setup your table using the count method to be "0:100%" (which translates to $1 per item [100% of the number of items])


    Then, depending on what you want ($3 for 1 item, $4 for 2 items, $5 for 3 items, etc... --or-- $4 for 1 item, $5 for 2 items, $6 for 3 items, etc...), you would set the handling fee for the table to be either $2 or $3



  3. 1. search contributions for MZMT


    2. Download & install it


    3. Setup the config for 3 zones and 1 table each


    4. Setup an EU Geo Zone and a UK Geo Zone (read the instructions for help here).


    5. Set up a flat rate in each table (read instructions for example of doing flat rates).



  4. you cannot do that with AIM, or at least I don't think you can. You want the Simple Integration Method. I believe that authorize.net module that comes with osCommerce uses the SIM method.

  5. Need help. I've been using this Multi Region Multi Table module for a while and it works fine. This module allows me to define multiple regions with multiple shipping rates.


    The problem only occurs when I defined another rate for the same region. the rate appears as a shipping option during shipping checkout, but when the total is displayed, the shipping rate suddenly becomes 0.00, eventhough that shipping option was selected.


    HELP!!!!!  :'(


    Hi, I am the author of this module. I have discontinued it because it had a number of problems and did not work well for everyone. Though it was a good start, I released a much much better and more flexible version. So much changed & improved that I released it under a new name, "MultiGeoZone MultiTable" shipping:



  6. Have you installed/used this module yourself succesfully?


    Yes, not only have I used it many times successfully in many different scenarios, but I'm also the author ;)


    If you get stuck on something, feel free to email or PM me. Wrapping your head around this module *can* be a little confusing at first, but once you get it, it is actually a very powerful and flexible shipping module.