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  1. Thanks I will re-download that last posted version and take a closer look. If something is wrong with one of my contributions, I like to work to a solution. I don't consider this belaboring ;)
  2. They show up fine in Firefox 1.0
  3. you change it in the dynamic mopics CSS file
  4. the doc files are in HTML. Open the install.html in a web browser to correctly view it.
  5. dreamscape

    Fix for "No Response" DHL Module issue

    This works well for a temporary fix, which is why I put that "curl -d -k if you have SSL issues" comment in the code. However, you really should look or encourage your system admin to look into updating the curl certificate bundles on the server. It is not that the DHL cert is invalid. It is very much valid. it is just that some servers do not "trust" it because those servers have old bundles they look at to determine if something should be trusted or not. Updating your curl cert bundles is not that difficult to do. ;) You can also get SSL issues if Curl or OpenSSL was incorrectly installed or configured, in which case, again I'd suggest encouraging your system admin to fix the problem, while using something like this as a temporary solution.
  6. dreamscape

    Flat Rate Plus additional amount per item

    It may be a little overkill, but my MZMT shipping module will do this for you. You'd setup your table using the count method to be "0:100%" (which translates to $1 per item [100% of the number of items]) Then, depending on what you want ($3 for 1 item, $4 for 2 items, $5 for 3 items, etc... --or-- $4 for 1 item, $5 for 2 items, $6 for 3 items, etc...), you would set the handling fee for the table to be either $2 or $3 http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2571
  7. dreamscape

    % shipping rate applied zonally

    Hi Steve, My MZMT shipping module will easily do what you are looking for: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2571
  8. dreamscape

    MRMT Shipping v1.101

    I just downloaded it and it works fine. Make you unstuff it with a program that can handle both Gzip compression and Tar archives (.tar.gz is a tar archive that has been gzipped).
  9. dreamscape

    products weigh less than a pound?

    Chris is right. The weights are in whole weight units, being either like a pound or a kilogram. You have to convert from ounces to pounds (divide by 16): .03 oz = .03/16 = .001875 You need to enter .001875 into the weight, not .03
  10. dreamscape

    Shipping fee per zone

    1. search contributions for MZMT 2. Download & install it 3. Setup the config for 3 zones and 1 table each 4. Setup an EU Geo Zone and a UK Geo Zone (read the instructions for help here). 5. Set up a flat rate in each table (read instructions for example of doing flat rates). :)
  11. dreamscape

    authorize.net + aim + no ssl

    you cannot do that with AIM, or at least I don't think you can. You want the Simple Integration Method. I believe that authorize.net module that comes with osCommerce uses the SIM method.
  12. The module doesn't calculate weight, osCommerce does. The module just uses the weight osCommerce passes to it. If you have your max package weight at 70 pounds, you need to download the latest version, which fixes a bug in previous versions where multiple packages were not being handled correctly.
  13. dreamscape

    Opening .tar files

    the extension should be .tar.gz and winzip should be able to open and extract gzipped (.gz), tarball (.tar), and gzipped tarball (.tar.gz) files
  14. dreamscape

    Zones Percentage Rates

    There are already some modules that will do what you want. This one will. You can set up as many zones as you want, as many tables as you want, and you can make the shipping a percentage if you want http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2571
  15. dreamscape

    Shipping help

    the extension is .tar.gz