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  1. Yeah, I definitely realised my fault, just a matter of trying to fix it now. :/ I'll keep looking through the files. We'll see how it goes Thank you
  2. Hi I forgot to try it on a test store first and don't have a most recent backup of my store, thus this error is problematic... http://store.davidandjess.com.au/ 1146 - Table 'david410_osco626.TABLE_SPECIFICATION' doesn't exist SELECT s.specifications_id, s.filter_class, s.products_column_name, sd.specification_name FROM TABLE_SPECIFICATION AS s INNER JOIN TABLE_SPECIFICATION_GROUPS AS sg ON s.specification_group_id = sg.specification_group_id INNER JOIN TABLE_SPECIFICATIONS_TO_CATEGORIES AS s2c ON sg.specification_group_id = s2c.specification_group_id INNER JOIN TABLE_SPECIFICATION_DESCRIPTION sd ON sd.specifications_id = s.specifications_id WHERE s.show_filter = 'True' AND sg.show_filter = 'True' [TEP STOP] No pages work, all I get is this error Using mobile_db_setup_v4r2 to install gave no problems, so after this error, I tried using the sql via php, no problems, and after a few edits, I get this error. I tried reverting back all of the changes I've made, but nothing, still the same problem. Looking in php, everything relating to Specifications is empty inside, no data. There's columns when I look at them, but it in itself has no data or such. The mobile site will load, but can't do anything - no links work. Is there a way to uninstall, undo, the php import? Any advice?
  3. David Tran

    Multiple shipping zones per item, different prices

    Anyone able to help me fix these problems? Really want to get my shipping modules to work and I don't know where to begin...
  4. I have two inquiries: I've been looking through the contributions but have yet to find what I need; I did come close though. What I have is Australia, and within Australia are its various states. Victoria for national, all the others for interstate. When a customer signs up within one of the states, the shop will know which group they belong to, national, or interstate. Reason being is because my supplier charges more couriering interstate. I used RegionBoxed for this as you can specify multiple zones. So first zone is Victoria at one price, second is New South Wales, Brisbane, etc, at another price. Since then I have signed up with another supplier and their shipping is cheaper, so now I need to adjust for this. For some odd reason, I can't get RegionBoxed to calculate the weight properly as I will use weight to adjust shipping prices. No matter what combination of pricing I put, ie. 5:10,8:10, or 5:10:8:10, even following the example given in the readme of the module, it wont work; shipping comes out as $5, always. Is it the module that isn't working correctly, or are one of my osCommerce files corrupted, and I need to edit a code somewhere to fix it? I decided to try and find a new module and found Zones World. I don't quite know how it works yet but it sounds like the one I need. The problem however is it doesn't display in my modules list. Other shipping modules show up fine, but Zones World isn't viewable so I can't enable it. Again, problem with the module, or do I need to fix something in my osCommerce system? Just to give you an idea what I mean by editing something in my osCommerce shop, one problem I had was values weren't updating in the modules and had to fix a line in one of the configuration files to fix it. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=224783&hl=payment&st=0
  5. David Tran

    Editing PayPal's checkout_payment.php

    I'm trying to add Checkout Express to my online cart and went to look at pre-configured osCommerce installations and there was only one for US and UK. I read in a blog that they were bringing an AU soon, so finger's crossed. When selecting payment, the checkout_payment.php which PayPal uses to replace the original osCommerce contains fields for entering credit card details. I want to remove this field, but keep the Checkout with PayPal button. The reason is, because the module is default for US osCommerce, it doesn't accept my Australian cards. It says that they are invalid. So I want to prevent users from thinking they enter the details in those fields only to receive an error. So instead, I want customers to see they can pay via PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Checkout with PayPal, specifically with their credit cards. I understand they still need to sign up but I'm trying to confirm with PayPal now whether their payment still goes through immediately or if they need to verify their account first, which I hope not... http://bnp-bitsnpieces.com/computers