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  1. Hi I have installed this contribution, but have found a bug in my shop when it is enabled. I have started out with chemo´s version 2.5 from about a year ago and tried all updates until now. but the bug still occours The bug goes like this: If you press the "buy now" button on a product in the product list (bug only appears from the productlist), you will be sent to the shoppingcart and the product is added correctly. But if you press the "continue shopping" button and now choose to buy another different product from the product list, then there vil just be one more of the previous product added to the shopping cart (now 2 pcs of product1). So it seems like the shop keeps the old product id in the url when returning to the productlist from shopping cart. I have found out that if i remove the changed code in the html_output file and put it back to standard osc, then the bug is gone and shop function is normal, but then i get problems with my sitemaps instead. I would be very happy if someone could help me with this bug.
  2. bonjovi67

    Header Tags for novices

    When i had the older version of this contrib installed, the manufacturers name was displayed in the title tag when you those a manufacturer from manufacturers list. ex. if you choose AsRock, it would say "Asrock - websitename" in the title tag, now it just say "websitename". I have tried to put this code from the old contrib || (strlen($manufacturers['manufacturers_name']) > 1) in the title tag in index.php, but with no luck.. Complete code from my old contrib is <title><?php echo (strlen($categories['categories_name']) > 1) || (strlen($manufacturers['manufacturers_name']) > 1) ? $breadcrumb_tags->trail_tags(' ') . ' - ' . TITLE : TITLE; ?></title> <meta name="description" content="<?php echo strip_tags($breadcrumb_tags->trail_tags(' ')); ?>"> <meta name="keywords" content="<?php echo strip_tags($breadcrumb_tags->trail_tags(', ')); ?>"> I am missing the titletag on the manufacturers because it gave me a better google rating on many products.
  3. bonjovi67

    Header Tags for novices

    Thank you Ken for this contrib. I am missing the Manufacturers tag.. is it possible get this back ?