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  1. daoutlawz

    Paymate Support Thread

    I've done the QT Pro stock update with Paymate aswell. Just got it working. It was doubling up the subtraction. in \catalog\paymate_checkout_preprocess.php Find code: if ((DOWNLOAD_ENABLED != 'true') || (!$stock_values['products_attributes_filename'])) { $stock_left = $stock_values['products_quantity'] - $order->products[$i]['qty']; } else { $stock_left = $stock_values['products_quantity']; } and replace with: if ((DOWNLOAD_ENABLED != 'true') || (!$stock_values['products_attributes_filename'])) { $stock_left = $stock_values['products_quantity']; // Removed for doubling up - $order->products[$i]['qty']; } else { $stock_left = $stock_values['products_quantity']; } Any questions just ask.
  2. daoutlawz

    Paymate Support Thread

    This was racking my brain for a few days, but finally worked it out, mainly due to Paymate changing their side of things and not letting anyone know about it, two thumbs up for that one Paymate :D Make sure in your admin area for Paymate you set the email address to be test@testdomain.com and the user is testuser. Then in \catalog\includes\modules\payment\paymatespi.php find the lines of code where its setting the URL, around line 35, comment out all of them and enter this one in: $this->form_action_url = 'https://www.paymate.com/PayMate/TestExpressPayment?mid=testuser'; Then those test credit card numbers will work: 4564456445644564 will return Approved and; 5424000000000015 will return Declined. They both should return you to your site with the stock updated (trying to figure out how to integrate with QT Pro at the moment) Once you are ready to go live, comment out that code and add this code underneath it: $this->form_action_url = 'https://www.paymate.com/PayMate/ExpressPayment?mid=testuser'; where testuser is your username from Paymate. I have not tested the live one as I want to finalise the QT Pro stock handling first, but it should work.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm new here and to OsCommerce. I've installed this for a client and all is good especially with QtPro, but one thing I don't know how to do is how do I manually adjust the quantity after adding it initially? Say I make a mistake? There is no option to update or delete the stock completely, there is only an option to add. Maybe I'm missing something? Any help would be great!