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  1. KineticDS

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Hi I have this contribution installed, but it seems that the pdf download link in account_history_info.php will only show up on some customers pages sometimes only on certain orders, others it will not, almost at random. IE: I have a customers account with 7 separate orders, but the pdf dowenload link only shows up on 3 of them. It doesn't matter what status I give it or change it to ( I have teied in admin to turn on/off (show when delivered only option). I have even looked directly in the database to compare what might be different or missing from the orders. Anyone else having this problems? It's become very frustrating. PHP version 5.2.9 MySQL version 5.1.30. Thanks! - Ken
  2. Hi David, I got most of the problems fixed, correct UON is now showing up. But 1 last hurdle to overcome, and I can't figure this one out. Now when I go and do a manual order, I can pick a pre-existing customer or create a new one, but after I click "confirm" it goes to the Order editor page but none of the fields are filled. The correct order number shows (as in it assigns a new UON #) up at the top of the page (ie: Edit Order #03312009121412 of), but none of other fields that should have been filled are filled on the page. It's funny but if you go and and then click on "Details" "invoice" or "Packing slip" from that page all the fields are properly filled in the forms (ie: name, address, etc). I also checked the mysql database and all the fields for the order number are correctly filled there as well. It seems that some how when switching from Manual order maker to order editor, the order editor is not (calling?) picking up the fields. If go to a pre-existing order (one that was in my system before installing this mod) it fills in all the fields in OE correctly. I can't seems to figure this part out. I'd appreciate any assistance. Thanks! - Ken
  3. Thanks for your quick reply David, I appreciate it! When I saw your message I was in the process of removing UON Mod to restart fresh. I'll follow your suggestions and hopefully it will work this time (although I believe I had already done those suggestions when I first installed the mod). My store is not a "clean" install if by that you mean a "new" install. I've been working on my site for a while now...hope to have it "Live" by end of April. My store is heavily modified, but the only other mod that I could think that would create a conflict with this one is the Package Tracking mod, but changed that to reflect changes for UON. Anyway, I give it another try. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks Again! - Ken
  4. Hi I installed Unique Order Number v1.04, Order Editor, and Manual Order Maker 1.5.5 . I'm having the same problem as many others. When I start to add a manual order after I click the confirm button I get the following error: 1062 - Duplicate entry '0' for key 'PRIMARY' insert into orders.... I followed all the instructions to the letter, double checked the changes, and check through this forum for any additional suggestions/changes and nothing has worked. I am running: PHP version 5.2.9 MySQL version 5.1.30 on Linux server Please help!
  5. KineticDS

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, While I was installing the latest and greatest version of your mod today. I was thinking it would be nice, if it were possible and not too difficult, to incorporate version numbers in the admin section of Header Tags SEO. That way we can see which version we currently have installed on our site and then can tell what we need to upgrade to. Sometimes with all the mods, it's difficult to try to remember what is latest version(s) installed. Just a suggestion. Great mod! - Ken
  6. KineticDS

    Optional Related Products, Version 4.0

    Anyone know what code you would insert or modify to allow for "specials" pricing (ie: one line old price crossed out, new line new "special" price) show up like in the specials mod?
  7. KineticDS

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack_mcs, I installed Header Tags SEO v.3.0.8 a few months ago and really like it. I noticed today that you are up to version 3.1.2. My question is: I want to upgrade to version 3.1.2, so do I have to go and download and install each successive version (ie: 3.0.9, 3.1.0,3.1.1) before I install 3.1.2? Or is there a simpler way to upgrade directly to 3.1.2? I don't want to miss a step or some file(s). In your update docs you have the progression to update for each new version successively, but none that shows how to upgrade a with a past (non- successive) version, if you know what I mean. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! -Ken