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  1. Now I'm bussy, I think to start again from because I don't check if you fix from After check what files modified from originals and report you
  2. Hello John, I'm sorry to hear this, it is a pity that one of the best contributions, if not the best, is discontinued and without support. I understand that you have made a decision, but I wonder if you would be willing to upgrade to php7 and phoenix version for an amount that you consider, the idea is cover this goal by users who would like to see the development again works. Thanks for consider
  3. domiosc

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello Rainer For install this addon only need copy to the admin/attributeManager /*.* includes/hooks/admin/categories/ajaxAttribManager.php includes/hooks/admin/siteWide/ajaxAttrManager.php Nothing more? 😞
  4. Haaraald!! 😅 release the reins So it is not possible to create an new alternative market Correctly, we talk for all addons not only for certificates. The idea is that the use regulates the flow and grow, and yet it requires the support of many that who are not now. If Phoenix develops enough, the marketplace will not serve as it is now and that is not useful and advanced, instead of contributing is a brake. Even when? Will Harald come back? And if it does, will something change?
  5. I'm with you and add not remove/cutting without alternatives or consensus neither looking back so you difficult upgrade. We love oscommerce because have all for do your ideal shop from open source, I believe that many of us will be proletarian people to pay as many support addons. You see stores that have them adapted and are not in the marketplace so it seems that a part of the community does not contribute For one only is crazy, I try 3/4 time and never win, maybe between several and access to data from admin area and files and not only from front at least we could sort the mix creating more stable structure information, but without a minimum improvement it is not worth it since we would soon be returning to the mixing. Requirements need define and set for all once it is structured and sort. valquiria, it seems that communities fix the world by writing in forums, but is an option use un template and paste text, another is marketplace with new features, how uservoice for new ideas, tags, labels, certify apps, packs, relations, certifications, punctuation, voting, reviews, test and test, metris, relation services offer (install,mod,adapt,update...), advanced search, more field, characteristic and requirements, specific/general demo, try to install, screenshot requirement,more specific categories, statics page, requests, rules, faq...¿basket? ¿credits for download? more licences? donate button to developer, different class of user, verify users, achievements, ranking users... and much more for dynamize it and elevate to next level. Need be very dynamic for feedback. Is much for only contributions? Ok select half or quarter you consider more important, the rest put at uservoice for the future. Today is possible that it is not worth something similar it had to be done in the past,
  6. domiosc

    Improvement proposal for OSC.

    Convert all advanced modules into serial features. There are many apps name how advanced: advanced customers, advanced orders, advanced specials, advanced cart, advanced attributes, advanced product manager... Default data managers are very simple, we can't even sort, search, add or remove columns, bulk actions, or edit from the list without going into detail. These characteristics should be common in all areas together ajax. Warehouses manager where can define and set options and stock sync by different protocols. Extra fields especially in product data, model2, units by package, minimum and maximum stock, reorder level, multiplier units, delivery time, availability when out stock, by warehouses Different levels of administration users, and configurable areas for they can view. but of course all these should be modules about 1000's and much more xD so add 1000's more look this yes is a module voice search That a feature should not be in the core can come in modules already integrated, but you have to make it easier for the public on foot to have these and many other features without complications. Click. Click, all ready, and now use time to activate your need.
  7. Me neither, but I think we should try. as usual you hit the spot, and almost all the proposals end here, Who is going to be in charge? I know all of us who make proposals point to the same people and it is true that you already do to much, the initiative must come from new people It is also true that many of those we do proposals are also we not able to do more. I'm only an normal user so I can't contact to payment systems which offer free plans for open source community, so the most I can do is install several of these solutions and share to test for the rest people want collaborate to create the rules system and try from my modest knowledge. But think is preferible this start for example by Harald and host here.. Please anyone check the links of this platforms and show your opinion, Which do you consider to be a better option?
  8. OK. The safest thing will be not to use. The reason is not need ccv to process payment and is easy get numbers and expiration date from any card or simply test to generated, this contributes to crime.
  9. domiosc

    Newbie Member

    Welcome Juan
  10. the idea is for all languages and hosted solution, but is possible self hosted type https://pootle.translatehouse.org/ very much open source use similar solutions how joomla & virtuemart for example, electron use https://crowdin.com/page/open-source-project-setup-request The benefit is clear, the first does not depend on one developer, the admin/developer remain rights and can manager all, and translate is open to all people specially to translators like contribute and people help to advance or can translate more languages. There is no single point of view, so the result is translation was more accurate with sintaxis contextual. From my point of view and although I don't speak English, the actual translations they lose part of the meaning or are very long being literal translations, have typos, define missing/over and others... I not say your translation is bad, secure I can't do better, I say together we can make it better. It is clear that each one can fix it for oneself, that is also will done equal, but the origin should be agreed and labeled as official. When I start to adapt your translation to my considerations I think to collaborate, even more when in the first 20 files I found 6 typos and check not all is translated. If in each version I have to check what files have changed and that they changes it becomes unfeasible, however with a solution like the one mentioned, you can see who modifies what and when and it is reversible. Maybe git can be used, but I don't know how and it is a brake for non-developers, others have developed their own i18n solution facturascripts.com, many others use others such as weblate.org , this is a good self-hosted option, others are paid and the free plans do not always cover the needs of oscomerce but much of they are free plan for Open Source. Here 16 -best-translation-management-systems that can be reviewed and a clearer summary in this great webpage https://free-for.dev/#/?id=translation-management And this page is a curious more advanced solution https://translated.com/developers Sorry for this brick
  11. @Demitry do you plan to release your version? for add more security need implement encrypt and clear or combine with other apps
  12. Thanks raiwa for update, good work. I restart again, because I was correcting and completing the previous version. An question, no is possible use a platform for translate it?, for all languages, distributed translation type zanata or similar to transifex , but free for open source community. Centralise and share the work, so collaborating between all we will attain more
  13. The most used is Post payment "Contra reembolso" cod.php, the cost apply to customer is around 2-3% depending on carrier. The problem for this option is if the customer rejects the order you lose the cost of shipping plus the commission. The second is credit card offline processing , cc.php but not is in phoenix and now not have this payment option. In old version you can combine with encrypted numbers: https://apps.oscommerce.com/6k8vd&credit-card-number-encryption https://apps.oscommerce.com/PO2Xr&gpg-credit-card-encryption-0-94-english https://apps.oscommerce.com/9nDgB&encrypted-credit-card-with-cvv2 And use a cleaner numbers https://apps.oscommerce.com/czuzW&credit-card-numbers-cleaner for clear after use. This method we use because the store not have ssl and not have requirements for direct bank process, so we have the option for payment by telephone, the risk is always ours, in 15 years, 5 attempts only 1 lost. I know this method is insecure both for the client and for us, but is required for now. The cost for offline processing is only 0,30% not apply to customer. And the redsys credit card neither is ported to phoenix The third is bank transfer at 0% And the last collect in store at 0% We never use paypal because have high commissions and much customers use buyer protection for dispute and paypal trust the customer before the store, but really much people only want pay with paypal by this protection.
  14. You can explain for other of users
  15. domiosc

    XML Sitemap Generator

    Thanks ruden