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  1. domiosc

    Product Display (Images)

    Another way more fast and usable than drag and drop is copy and paste, when paste bitmap the script generate the image and rename it or if paste text with url get image...
  2. domiosc

    Requested Features

    Take into account the availability field, as well as the stock per warehouse with different service times and its cut-off time (if the hour has passed, sum next business day) Every warehouse have link to stock file, url to check or api and you can set if the wharehouse work dropshipment mode or add extra shipping costs... Store1 Stock : disponibility 2H Store2 Stock : disponibility 8H Warehouse1 Stock : disponibility 24H Warehouse2 Stock : disponibility 48H Supplier Warehouse Stock : disponibility 72H
  3. domiosc

    Shipping methods

    Please consider that some carriers charge a commission (% x amount) for cash on delivery.
  4. domiosc

    Payment methods

    It makes perfect sense when shipping depends on the method of payment. For example, for cash on delivery not all shipments are available...etc
  5. Yes, it is of interest, for file exchange between systems, for stock normally.
  6. domiosc

    Marketing features

    Please differentiate the specials from the campaigns. You can have rules for discount vouchers, so that it can be used x times, up to a certain time, once per user, up to a limit ... I do not know if it is from this area, but do not forget the price escalation quantity, the special prices per client and the groups of clients with their assigned rates.
  7. domiosc

    App Store or Add-on Store or...?

    Add-on, like before 🤗
  8. domiosc

    Multiple Sales Channels

    If we have different configurable front-ends, We can use it for commercial agents or B2B sales? for example
  9. domiosc


    I can help with Spanish
  10. domiosc

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Sounds great, let's hope that so was and it is worth starting over again, time will tell if the goal is to market with increasingly higher costs or to maintain the spirit of open source with added services. Hopefully they will attend to all the requests that we have made these years and take a turn towards an erp ecommerce with all the fields, functionalities and automated processes necessary for today's business. All this does not mean that we continue to support Phoenix, I hope Oscommerce support too maintaining forum post and apps.
  11. I do not remember where, but years ago there was a payment addon for conversions that allowed to show the complete information, both by grouping or packaging at the same time as converting the unit and the price. For example, linear meters with a price per square meter, as you defined the combination. I could even make height x width x depth to calculate areas, also with weights, for example price per kilo, sale per grams or units ... In the end what did was an equivalent conversion and displayed the information for both units of measurement allowing you to use the one you define, by setting minimums, maximums and multiples. It was used for sale in bulk and to cut. I don't know if it will still exist but somebody remembers which one I mean.
  12. domiosc

    Header Tags SEO

    Please add social icon for whatsapp
  13. Has anyone tried to install in phoenix? It would be nice to update this add-on to phoenix
  14. domiosc

    XML Sitemap Generator

    every so often on the control panel show this alert WARNING_SITEMAP_INDEX_XML_EXIST What is this?
  15. domiosc

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack, I try to install unsuccessfully. I restore files but site show HTS_TEXT_VIEWING and social icons in catalog and HTS_BOX_HEADING_HEADER_TAGS_SEO menu. Where define name? or How I can full remove