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  1. Hello Everyone. New look support looking really good. Wonderful

  2. willToDo

    404 Error

    Hi All I am just hoping someone will help me with this error seeing there has not been may post on this board recently. I have flash carousel v 3.2(fatih) installed on my store. I am using 2 r2ca. i have followed all the steps for installing flash carousel found on http://www.oscommercex.com/2009/04/oscomme...fatih-released/. After the installation the following is happening so far: The are Flash carousel links are showing in my store admin section :- A) Configuration/flash carousel/ shows the following which I have set as follows:- Title Setting 1.Display Flash Carousel true 2. Display Maximum Number of Products 12 3. Flash Carousel xml/image Store Directory kampanya 4. Want to Resize Images? true 5. Flash Carousel Style style_3::small 6. Flash Carousel Background Color #ffffff 7. Want to Show Sub-category Pages? false 8. Don't Show Products Below 0 B) The carousel located in Admin/Catalog/Flash CarousEL/ brings up a 404 error when I click on it(I suppose this is where I should be able to add my products from) C) i get the following error in my store after I changed the settings in the configuration in item 8 above to 0(nil). If more products selected are more than 0 the error disappears. Fatal error: Call to undefined function build_xml() in /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/includes/modules/flash_carousel.php on line 100 I have changed permissions in the kampanya folder to 777 including all files within the folder and the IMAGES folder as well. I am also not sure wherre my kampanya.php file is located all I have is the folder which is located in the catalog section of my store. I am new to PHP coding can someone please help me I have been searching for hours without success. I willing to supply further information if you let me know what is required at this stage I am not quite which information will be helpful. thanks for your support.
  3. willToDo

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    Hi Please could you let me know how you managed to solve the above problem I am experiencing something simillar in my site
  4. willToDo

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    Hi Please could you let me know how you managed to sort out this error
  5. I am failing to locate the modifed rm_uk_v2-0-1_1.zip, from the 4473 contribution. Is that where it is located? or I have read between the lines in the instructions. Sorry for being a bother, but if I don't ask I can't get answers. Thank you for your help
  6. Hi Chris Thank you for your support and this brilliant contribution that you guys have put together, you are doing an absolute tremendous job. Although I am a newbie I have found the support to be just so good that I have found the whole experience of putting together my first online shop quite interesting and rewarding. Keep up the good work. I will download the modified zip.
  7. does anyone know where the image for RM Mail Airsure is located? I have a broken link at the checkout_shipping page and I suppose its because I have no image in the Icons folder. Sorry for being cheeky please kindily help me.
  8. Thank you very much mate. After reinstalling all the methods now show the version number which is 2.2.0 in my case. The error has also disappeared and everything seems to be working fine now. Once again thank you very to all who have put together this contribution to make a reality. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. thanx mate I will try that and post feedback.
  10. Hi All I am abit stuck and I have been searching this forum for an answer for days. I have installed the Royal Mail module for my online shop but the problem I have is that when I select an address outside of the UK at check_out the Royal Mail Airmail and Royal Mail International Signed For methods kick in but with the error The shipping rate cannot be determined at this time and shows that customer has to pay nothing £0.00. What I have done is install the Royal mail module v 2.0 and updated it using the bug fixes from the contribution 4473 up to v 2.2.0. I am not sure were I am missing it. Also my admin page does not show the version numbers of the methods except for the Royal Mail Airsure v2.2.0, which I think must be the case for all methods. All other methods show question marks were version number is supposed to show e.g Royal Mail Standard Parcels v?.? Please can you help me.
  11. willToDo

    Royal Mail Shipping

    Hi All I am new to osCommerce but definitely think it is a brilliant piece of work. I have installed the Royal mail contribution but am getting this warning which is really doing my head. I am getting this error when I try to install the Royal Mail International Signed For module
  12. willToDo

    how to install templates

    please can you send me a copy of the pdf template my email: nissi_int@yahoo.co.uk