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  1. aberry9036

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Ok so I solved the problem with cURL, most people won't have this problem with a pre-configured server but because I had to install from scratch I ran across it. It may only be to do with ubuntu/debian as it's a cURL dependancy problem in ubuntu's package manager. I found the following topic in the forum: http://forums.oscommerce.com/lofiversion/i...php?t90086.html which explained how to check the cURL SSL check. That gave up an error which read "Errors: 77 error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt CApath: none". Basically this file is required by cURL to run the check but isn't included in the package, for some reason. So, in addition to installing curl and openssl through apt-get you'll also need to install the package "ca-certificates".
  2. aberry9036

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Ok, so I've found the problem, but now how to fix it. It's to do with cURL because, when I choose "disable cURL ssl check" it goes through fine. Can anyone tell me the downsides of not having this enabled and how I can fix it?
  3. aberry9036

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Hi there, I'm having a problem with this addon after moving to a new server, I've moved back to the old one for now and that's working fine so I know it's not a problem with the install in to the catalog / database. It must be a problem with my server config I think, can anyone tell me the pre-requisite packages needed for protx to work? I'm running ubuntu 8.04 and cURL and openssl are both installed, but not configured past the base setup. The error I get is "- Unfortunately there has been a technical problem. Please try again and if the problem persists please contact us ()" Thanks in advance for any help :) Alex
  4. Hi there, I'm using a contribution called "Bundled Products", it allows me to include several different products in to one and assign a seperate price, which is good for product sets. It works well, one problem I've got with it though is with adding products in to the bundle. This is handled in the add a new product page, in catalog/admin/categories.pho. Basically the problem I've got is that you can choose the item from a drop down box, but it doesn't seem to sort the list of products in to any order, and seeing as I'm approaching 200 products it is very difficult to find the particular product to add to the set, especially seeing as many of our products have similar names, just with different sizes etc. Would anyone know how to get this drop down box to sort either a > z for product descriptions? Either that or even by product ID would be useful, as I can tell if it's a new or old product. The first bit of additional code in that page is this: // BOF Bundled Products if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_bundle'] == "yes") { tep_db_query("DELETE FROM products_bundles WHERE bundle_id = '" . $products_id . "'"); for ($i=0, $n=6; $i<$n; $i++) { if (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['subproduct_' . $i . '_qty']) && $HTTP_POST_VARS['subproduct_' . $i . '_qty'] > 0) { tep_db_query("INSERT INTO products_bundles (bundle_id, subproduct_id, subproduct_qty) VALUES ('" . $products_id . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['subproduct_' . $i . '_id'] . "', '" . $HTTP_POST_VARS['subproduct_' . $i . '_qty'] . "')"); } } } // EOF Bundled Products And the second part, which I believe defines the drop down box, is this: <!-- BOF Bundled Products --> <tr bgcolor="#EEEEEE"> <td class="main" valign="top"> <?php echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_BUNDLE; ?> </td> <td class="main" valign="top"> <table> <tr> <td class="main" valign="top"> <?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '24', '15') . tep_draw_input_field('products_bundle', $pInfo->products_bundle) . '<br>("yes" or blank)'; ?> </td> <td class="main" valign="top"> <script language="javascript"><!-- function fillCodes() { for (var n=0;n<6;n++) { var this_subproduct_id = eval("document.new_product.subproduct_" + n + "_id") var this_subproduct_name = eval("document.new_product.subproduct_" + n + "_name") var this_subproduct_qty = eval("document.new_product.subproduct_" + n + "_qty") if (this_subproduct_id.value == "") { this_subproduct_id.value = document.new_product.subproduct_selector.value this_subproduct_qty.value = "1" var name = document.new_product.subproduct_selector[document.new_product.subproduct_selector.selectedIndex].text this_subproduct_name.value = name document.returnValue = true; return true; } } } function clearSubproduct(n) { var this_subproduct_id = eval("document.new_product.subproduct_" + n + "_id"); var this_subproduct_name = eval("document.new_product.subproduct_" + n + "_name"); var this_subproduct_qty = eval("document.new_product.subproduct_" + n + "_qty"); this_subproduct_id.value = ""; this_subproduct_name.value = ""; this_subproduct_qty.value = ""; } //--></script> <?php for ($i=0, $n=6; $i<$n; $i++) { echo "\n" . '<input type="text" size="30" name="subproduct_' . $i . '_name" value="' . $bundle_array[$i]['name'] . '">'; echo "\n" . '<input type="text" size="3" name="subproduct_' . $i . '_id" value="' . $bundle_array[$i]['id'] . '">'; echo "\n" . '<input type="text" size="2" name="subproduct_' . $i . '_qty" value="' . $bundle_array[$i]['qty'] . '">'; echo "\n" . '<a href="java script:clearSubproduct(' . $i . ')">[x]</a><br>'; } echo 'add : <select name="subproduct_selector" onChange="fillCodes()">'; echo '<option name="null" value="" SELECTED></option>'; $products = tep_db_query("select pd.products_name, p.products_id, p.products_model from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " p, " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION . " pd where pd.products_id = p.products_id and pd.language_id = '" . $languages_id . "' and p.products_id <> '" . $HTTP_GET_VARS['pID'] . "' order by p.products_model"); while($products_values = tep_db_fetch_array($products)) { echo "\n" . '<option name="' . $products_values['products_model'] . '" value="' . $products_values['products_id'] . '">' . $products_values['products_model'] . ' - - - ' . $products_values['products_name'] . " (" . $products_values['products_id'] . ')</option>'; } echo '</select>'; ?> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <!-- EOF Bundled Products --> The drop down box is to the right of the wording "add:". If anyone can help me, I'd be very appreciative, as it's starting to take about 10 minutes just to add a product set :) If anyone needs any more information to help please let me know. Thanks
  5. aberry9036

    Protx Direct credit card surcharge

    Hi there everyone. I'm using the protx direct module v5.0b for my site, and I'm wondering if it's possible to add a surcharge to credit card payments? i.e mastercard etc. In the UK this is entirely legal and a fair few budget retailers do it. I've read a couple of posts taht seem to say it's possible, but don't give a full explanation, does anyone know if this is doable? The module I'm using is available here
  6. aberry9036

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    Ok, so I've installed this contribution and it works great... but only, for some odd reason, in IE 8. This happens on every computer I try, neither IE7 or Firefox 3.x display the thumbnail image, they all display the original, large image scaled down... Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is?
  7. Hi there, I'm having a bit of a problem with my site and I'm trying to find an add-on to fix it, but I'm not sure I can find one that does what I need.. Basically I want to have seperate photos for the "small image" and the enlarged image because, at the moment, I'm having to use large images that scale down to the small ones. Which looks awful. The reason for this is because I want to be able to have a high quality photo for the customer to look at, but I don't need more than the two photos so a photo gallery might be a bit ott. Does anyone know of an addon that literally just uses the two seperate photos?
  8. aberry9036

    Problem with "Bundled Products v1.5.3"

    Ok, I've now fixed this bug with help from this post: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho..._administrators. I've also added an updated package to the "Bundled Items" Contribution at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2015 to fix this problem.
  9. Hi there, I've recently started playing around with eCommerce and I want to use it to build a couple of furniture sites. At the moment I'm trying to install a feature called "Bundled Products v1.5.3" from the contributions archive, and after following the clean install instructions (i.e merging the downloaded files in to the catalog folder and then running the required sql queries) I'm left with a problem where, when I go to log in as admin, I get the message: "1146 - Table 'oscommerce.table_administrators' doesn't exist select id from TABLE_ADMINISTRATORS limit 1 [TEP STOP]" I've had a look through the forums here but I can't seem to find an answer to this problem, one person has kindly uploaded a sql query that recreates the table, so I tried that by firstly removing the "administrators" table, then replacing it with that query, but I still get the same problem. Has anyone come across this problem before? The Bundled Products contribution can be found at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2015 And the fix by the user can be found at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5552 Thanks in advance to anyone who can lend a hand :)
  10. aberry9036

    Looking for "Item Bundle" addon?

    Thanks :) I'll have a play around with that tonight and see if it's what I'm looking for, thanks for the help!
  11. Hi there, I'm new to osCommerce and only know a little PHP and mySQL, but I'm hoping to be able to use this package for our ecommerce site, as it's looking pretty hopeful so far :) One piece of functionality that would be vital, though, would be the ability to combine several items in to one, and for the quantity of each of the components of this package to be updated accordingly if this item is purchased. We would need this because we're a garden furniture specialist, and we will be selling packages such as "Dining Sets", which will be a combination of a table and 4+ chairs (depending on the size of the table). I understand it is possible to create items with this heading and description, but the problem is we sell this combination out of existing individual stock so, for instance: If we had three items: "Teak chair" "Teak table" "Teak Dining set" "Teak chair" would be an individual item, as would "Teak table", but "Teak Dining set" would be 4 x "Teak chair" and 1 x "Teak table", and so we would need these item's stock levels updated. Does anyone know of any module that's capable of doing this, or any workaround as such? Any help would be much appreciated, I hope what I said makes sense :) Thanks in advance, Alex