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  1. bomcg

    Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack, Nevermind....I found the answer. For those interested.....The php_curl extension was not turned on in my WAMPSERVER 2.0 setup. Cheers, Brian
  2. bomcg

    Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack, I've installed Sitemap_SEO_V_1.4 but am encountering the following error in the admin module: Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in ....\admin\includes\functions\sitemap.php on line 214 I get this when trying step 1 after completing the install. "- Go to admin->Sitemap SEO->Box Control, select a box from the dropdown menu in the "Boxes Individual Control" secion and then click Update. " Would greatly appreciate any assistance you could provide Cheers, Brian
  3. bomcg

    Links Manager II

    Hi Jack, First of many thanks for the add-on. Its much appreciated. I have installed and tested successfully using WAMPSERVER 2.0. After moving it to my live website everything is working for me except the 'Featured Product' functionality on the catalog side. The admin is fine. The featured product box appears only when I enter the address using 'HTTP://' Once I swtich to secure 'HTTPS://' I no longer see the featured product box. Any ideas? Thanks, Brian