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    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    I installed this contribution on two different websites sometime around January 23, 2009, and I thought it was great! Everything seemed to be working perfectly, but I've noticed a problem. Ever since I installed the contribution, when customers checkout, their orders are logged on the admin side as soon as they click the continue button on the checkout_payment page. Since there are a couple/few more clicks between there and actual payment, there's time for the customer to change their mind and just close the browser instead of completing the order. When that happens, I'm left with an order in the system that I think is a valid order (we often accept pre-orders with no deposit required, so lack of payment doesn't mean it's not a valid order), but the customer denies placing the order since they never fully completed checkout. I hope that made sense to someone. Anyway, since installing this, the orders are being logged upon continuing from the checkout_payment page, rather than from the checkout_confirmation page. I need to fix it so that orders are only logged when customers click continue on the payment page and are sent on to PayPal. Before PayPal payment, not after. Any help??? Please???