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  1. Hi Jim, eventually I deleted the database and uploaded the complete shop again. Right now it looks like its gonna go the way again I wanted it to go. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I am a bit lost today. The other day I installed morepics and had the multiple pics available with mouse over etc. However, today I did another install of it and somehow its not working. I do see the product image when you have all the products listed below eachother, but if I then click on one product no picture is shown at all. I dont know what I do different compared to the other day. Settings are standard install settings. Played around with them, but it didnt change things. Of course I have multiple pics uploaded. Thanks in advance for any hints. cs
  3. Thanks a lot Jim. One issue less. Regards, cs
  4. Alright, got this pretty much sorted out. Reinstalled all and started with that addon to install. However, there is still one option not working. The popup. If I click on zoom for example it justs opens the same page. http://www.utzonoperahouse.com/OSC/product...8morepics Anyone got any ideas?
  5. Hi all, I started working with oscommerce the other day and tried to setup more_pics. So far everything went smooth. Used Beyond Compare to edit the files since I have already ultimate seo url running. Now, the issue that appears is that I dont see any pictures when I am on the product detail. I did run the install.php and it said that x pictures were updated. However, also in the admin panel I only see 8 menu points when I go to MorePics. According the the how_to_use file there should be a couple more. You can go to shop.utzonoperahouse.com to enter the shop. There you also can see that not more but actually less pics are shown. Thanks for any help already. Regards, cs