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    Sorry burt but your answer smacked with superiority, it wasn't called for IMHO, but that shouldn't concern you, afterall it's only my opinion. I came here to learn more about the osCommerce program. I'm fairly conversant with php generally however, having studied it at our local university for quite some time but haven't had occasion to use or practice it to any great extent within the context of this particular program or contribution's. In order to further myself more quickly I turned to this forum and it's reader's for help.
    My client wanted a bare bones install, which I'm well capable of doing him for him and I've also modified the layout and other coding to some extent, but he's asked for more than I bargained for now because of some newer requirements. In finding this out I looked for reasonable contributions, rather than starting from scratch and re-inventing the wheel and found the contribution mentioned, trying to install it as written. When I ran into difficulties I was hoping that these forum's were for those of us trying to learn more about the intricacies of this program in particular and those reading it would try and help, I'm terribly sorry if I've misjudged. Other program forums supporter's usually just want to help when a difficulty arises, taking pride in their program in order to show it is far better than many other's which are available. There are other's however here burt that do care about it obviously and to them I say "Thanks", resoundingly! Your insight and attitude' are great!
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    so download the middle package then?