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  1. is planning on starting a new project but isn't looking forward to the headaches....

  2. broadstreetbully

    Any alternative sites to TemplateMonster?

    I've seen some sites that sell OSC templates and in the "details" section of the templates it says "oscommerce 2.2rc2a" so I'm guessing the template is using the new 2.2rc2a code and not the "milestone" oscommerce code right? I found a template that I really like and I'm pretty good with the customizations but if the code is all screwed up I'll just leave it alone.
  3. broadstreetbully

    Daily Specials

    this sounds like a useful add-on, but does it work by itself or do I have to have one of the other add-ons already installed?
  4. broadstreetbully

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    I just installed this module and during the checkout (during tests) one item shows as 6lbs. and if i have 4 or 5 small items it shows and charges for 2 packages at 7lbs. per package. am i missing something? Every single shipping module I've tried so fardoes not work and this is the first one that seems to work except for this thing with the weight and extra package issue. Please help!!
  5. broadstreetbully

    Faq Desk

    okay, the install was cake, but where do the actual questions and answers go? I edited "faq.php" in the define languages in admin but when I saved it I got an error. also, since it says "click on question to reveal answer" I'm guessing that I need to add the questions and answers in one of the "english.php" files....??? can someone help me out please? ***edit-duh, nevermind.
  6. broadstreetbully

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    okay, i installed my ENTIRE os commerce store with no problems whatsoever....and i just installed USPS methods. now, it seems to be working great except for one thing- no matter how many items are in my cart, the weight and shipping price stays the same. eg: one item weighs 0.3 lbs. and the shipping is $7.31. after i add another item to the cart that weighs 2.3 lbs (on top of the o.3 lbs.) the shipping price and weight remain the same. i fixed the tare weight so that can't be the problem. i am really anxious to open this new store and i just need to fix this minor problem before i can. should i edit the usps.php code to "oz." instead of "pounds"? please help!!