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  1. ejsolutions

    PI Call for Price Button

    Just a small comment. I prefer a value of -1 for "Call For Price", which leaves zero for the possibility of Free products. Some store owners might have a promotion where there's a giveaway when another (range of) product(s) is purchased. I have one client that does exactly that and showing a Free product encourages further purchases (sometimes). I does however, mean that shop owners need to pay attention that they enter a price when adding a new product!
  2. ejsolutions

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    @ecartz Interesting: I read the Go PRO to support Phoenix opening post three times before coming to my wrong supposition. @burt Think, osCmax I argued for modularisation, simplification and reduced bloat, among other things there, for years. If I've confused you with someone else, then I apoligise upfront - it's an age thang (so I tell myself). We're venturing off-topic however.
  3. ejsolutions

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    Not really sure what your point is. Given that I host/support a few clients with predominantly open-source sites, I'd come under the £30/month tariff. That is a MASSIVE hit on what little profit that I get from my efforts; it's bad enough having to pay similar for WHM/cPanel plus CloudLinux costs. What I can offer are insights, suggestions and (non-expert) coding, from my long experience in hosting e-commerce plus even longer in IT support/development/consultancy. However, burt and I are often at polar opposites when it comes to concepts, so it does strain the relationship somewhat. I currently only have one fledgling low traffic, niche market site on Phoenix. Without some, what I (and shop owners) consider essential additions to the core, Phoenix struggles to replace other sites. It's not that I don't appreciate what is being done - far from it. I dare say other members may recognise me, from other forums where a combination of frustration, assistance and code submission are part of the open source landscape. I could go on but I tend towards elliptic. Is this criticism? No, just observation.
  4. ejsolutions

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    Found this on another thread and is commonplace with many hosts, in a poor attempt to thwart spammers.
  5. ejsolutions

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    I find some of the replies here a little strange; over the past few years I've needed to implement the SMTP contribution, rather than the default sendmail. Where multiple sites (users/domains) are hosted on the server, the SMTP option allows email to sent out using a specific email address, that corresponds to the store owner eg. sales@shop1.com. It's not appropriate to send from shop1@mainserver.com. Unless I'm totally blind/dim, I couldn't see a way to do that with simple sendmail. A 'local' login via SMTP authentication ensures outbound email comes from the user's domain, rather than the server's domain. This even works with the often broken WHM/cPanel send from a dedicated IP option. Thanks for the useful information above, guys. I'll start to look into the implementation shortly.
  6. ejsolutions

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Have done a bit of CSS tweaking (I'm not great at it!). This cleans up the display considerably. usps.php
  7. @ecartz You got it in a oner! 🎖️ I used the (install.)SQL from v1.0.7.6 to re-create the address_format table. Thanks again.
  8. ejsolutions

    Edge VS Frozen

    Starting to hang together. Don't take this the wrong way: an observation, not a criticism.. It's currently an awkward situation for users with relatively new stores, or wishing to begin one. There doesn't seem to be a recent 'stable' osCommerce. I haven't had time yet, to look at a roadmap but a 'milestone' release might be useful. Just today I spotted a comment on v1.0.7.7 that looked to delete DIR_FS_CATALOG and nearly had a coronary. (Since rescinded, I believe.) I understand core changes are required to meet new demands but that one would have had a lot of implications. Thanks for all the effort, guys.
  9. It's actually a partial migration from an older Phoenix, onto a fresh, then upgraded to I didn't think that I'd transferred the address_format table but can easily check it out. Thanks! That's someplace to look at least.
  10. ejsolutions

    Edge VS Frozen

    Phoenix is the new Edge?
  11. @raiwa Hi, I'm using Phoenix v1.0.7.6 with PWA_Phoenix_4.3.1 Orders appear to go through the system but the customer's First and Last name aren't being saved. They are blank during the course of the order and when order is completed. Any pointers on where to look first? (Still trying to get to grips with hooks etc.)
  12. ejsolutions

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Hmm. Par for the course.
  13. ejsolutions

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Panic over (for now, until USPS screw up their clientèle again!) I had done a blanket conversion to https (due to the enforced SSL fiasco!) and of course, USPS doesn't like that in the API - go figure. Until the next time...
  14. ejsolutions

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    I've made the following revision: Uninstalled/reinstalled then added all the required information back in. Still no USPS shipping showing. I did notice in Admin that it is displayed as "1st-Class Package Service - Retail" (and all others) rather than "First-Class Package Service - RetailTM". Is this relevant?
  15. ejsolutions

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    A quick question: Rather than uninstalling/reinstalling and having to update settings again, why is it not possible to just update the database field? Example: UPDATE `configuration` SET `configuration_value` =' 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, First-Class Package Service - RetailTM, 0, 70, 0.50, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, USPS Retail GroundTM, 0, 70, 0.50, Priority MailTM, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, Priority Mail ExpressTM, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, First-Class Package International ServiceTM, 0, 70, 1.50, Priority Mail InternationalRM, 0, 70, 1.50, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, Priority Mail Express InternationalTM, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00, 0, 70, 0.00' WHERE `configuration`.`configuration_key` = `MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_TYPES`; (I've split the line for readability) I tried but it didn't appear to work, unless some caching was going on.