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    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hello! I have a little problem, when I edit an order it adds this line in the ´state` field : We do not have states here in Sweden so I would prefere that it would not add anything there. To get rid of the line I have to go in to phpmyadmin and delete it in the database. How can I get rid of it? I would like to keep the country line however. I use version 5.07 Thank you for a very nice contrib!
  2. Managed to get it working by importing my database in phpmyadmin. Evidently it was a database problem, but what could have caused it?
  3. I´ve installed featured products 1.6.3 and my site doesnt work at all No error message what so ever The admin panel works though Here is the site: http://www.brundin.biz Please help!