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  1. yes that would be possible, is it easy to import the old data in the new database? Weird btw that the website seems to work fine under 5.6, but the admin area just gives a http error 500.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm upgrading my webshop to a newer version, however I'd like to be able to login to the old admin area while the rest of the site runs on a newer php version. Is it possible to update the php in the admin area only so that it works on php 5.6? I don't need the rest of the site to work, I'd just like to check the older orders. If so could you point me to a page where this is explained?
  3. Is there any way to make the pictures sit on top of the description? Now they are to the right of the text. I would also like them to be displayed bigger. If I change the setting in admin it also alters the image size of the reviews and articles in the left and right bars so my site is pulled out of proportion. Could someone help?
  4. Hi, I have a problem. I want to install this contribution, but I already get stuck at step 3: <script language="javascript" src="includes/general.js"></script> This is nowhere to be found in my categories.php. I did install the simple multi image addon, might that be the problem? Thanks,
  5. I am still having the problem that once I click login, nothing happens, it just reloads the login page. Any fix for this yet? Or should I de-install it? On my server I cannot secure the admin with a htaccess so I need some other system. Anything else people can recommend? Thanks,
  6. Great working addon, easy to install! however I also had this problem: Notice: Undefined variable: currentVersion in /home/user/public_html/catalog/AdminPanel/sitemonitor_admin.php on line 234 So I did what you said, and then I got this error in the left table: Notice: Use of undefined constant ENABLE_SSL - assumed 'ENABLE_SSL' in /customers/ on line 23 Notice: Use of undefined constant ENABLE_SSL - assumed 'ENABLE_SSL' in /customers/ on line 23 any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hi, I've tried to install this addon but once I've finished it, it does not give any errors, but once I click on a product it says no product found. Also in my admin the catalog does not show at all, just a blank page. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? Thanks,
  8. Yes but then I get this: The text is now under the picture, it needs to be above it. And just one more thing about the listing: The New Products for... section looks a lot better than my normal product listing, how can I make it that they look the same? Thanks!
  9. Well actually I just want to edit the products_info.php to center the image and place it under the text, but I can't seem to be able to do this, do you have a suggestion? And is it possible to put the listing in a table or something in order to make the title, description and buy now buttons line up nicely? And thanks again so much for helping me!
  10. Hm well it seems to work now, the short description at least, I followed the instructions once again, thanks. I'll go and check the category description addon again. But how can I edit the product_info.php to look like this? : it now looks like this: and can you resize the pictures to display the right height/widt dimensions and not the standard 100x100 px or so?
  11. I also can't get the product descriptions to appear, I checked the code and I included everything but it just doesn't appear. I do see the option in admin though. Also the category description that I installed doesn't work but does show up in admin. I included echo '<hr>' . $listing_sql . '<hr>'; in the last line in product_listing.php and then I get this: help plz? :)
  12. Well I tried following the instructions for the short description again, but it still doesn't work. It shows in the admin, but it doesn't show it on the website. I also added the addon descriptions for the categories, which also doesn't work, it again shows in the admin page where I can add a description to a category, but again it does not show on the website, HELP PLEASE I don't know what to do anymore *cries*
  13. Ok I uploaded them again, and it looks quite reasonable now, it's just that the short description doesn't display yet. I'll try following the instructions again. And do you have suggestions how I can:;language=nl 1. Put the word 'Artikelen' more to the top and change it to the name of the series and add a description? 2. make the products_info more like this: with a resized picture and so on?
  14. Right, now I see it works! Just didn't know it had a seperate input in the product creation screen. But now switch between list/column function now doesn't seem to work anymore, and the sort order function also disappeared, any suggestions? Thanks you're helping me so much!
  15. Oh yeah I forgot to upload it, it's online now. But I still see no description even after installing the short_description mod (which was by the way extremely complicated to do in my opinion) help plz? :)