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    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Quick update, I spent all day yesterday trying to sort this out and failed miserably. I installed the libCcCpiTools.so file and ran TestHash.e which failed because of missing dependencies. I basically got stuck in rpm dependency hell, finally resorting to the --force option. BIG mistake! Many of my command line tools stopped working. I have managed to uninstall everything and roll back to previous versions, but lesson learned! I think the bottom line is that my server's version of FC3 is just too old. It just begs the question why do HSBC operate this CPI integration policy when so many people must have similar experience to mine? Like Vger suggested, I'm going to suggest to my client that he uses another payment gateway. He can still keep his Merchant Account with HSBC if he uses Protx can't he? Kevin
  2. the_lar

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Not an option, the deals done! My client banks with hsbc and has some kind of 3 month special rate... here's hoping I can sort this out before his deal runs out!!!!!
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    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi all, I used epdq some time back for a shop and had horrendous trouble with integrating it with osc but got there finally, now my client has decided to switch to hsbc (clients eh... ) :'( I'm now back to square one, and filled with trepidation about this switch over. I've installed the hsbc module and followed the (very brief) instructions, but it doesn't work. I'm getting thrown back to my hsbc_return page with a hacking attempt error. I've read some posts on this topic that are suggesting that I need some files off the integration CD installed, but I haven't done that as I don't know what to do. Can anyone give me a helping hand as to what I need to do with these files - are they essential, will they help me test things.... seriously, I need an idiot's guide! Many thanks for any help you can offer... Kind regards Kevin
  4. Scrub that question, i just found larger packages percentage increase was set to 10% - Doh! :rolleyes:
  5. Hi all, Firstly, thank you for a great contribution, it works pretty much like a dream! I do have one small problem though, which might be something to do with another setting somewhere in osc. I've set up a test product with a weight of 5. When I go to check out with 1 item in cart, shipping method says: United Parcel Service (UPS) (5.5 lbs) When there's 2 items it says United Parcel Service (UPS) (11 lbs) I can't see where the extra 0.5 is coming from. Previously it was adding 3lb to the total until I set shipping/packaging > Package Tare weight to 0, so 2 items would be 13lb, note it wasn't adding the extra 0.5 just 3. Question is why when I remove the Package Tare weight does it then start adding 0.5lb onto every items weight? It's probably something simple - I hope anyway. Many thanks Kevin
  6. hi, I'm trying to set up the world zones module for OSC and having a couple of problems... Firstly all of my products have an arbitary weight of 1, they're all DVD's so all the same weight. Therefore when I get to the checkout_shipping.php page, all I want it to show is the number of items, not the unit of weight. So it would say something like: "Shipping to France: 3 DVD's" Secondly, as I said all my products have a weight of 1, however with 2 products in my cart at checkout the weight shows as 2.2? Don't get this, is it a rounding error? I've got lots of products and I could do without having to set the weight to 0.9 on every one! Help... please This is how my shipping appears at the moment: Many thanks Kevin
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    ePDQ module question

    Hi, I'm setting up a osc shop for a client and he has an ePDQ account. I want to keep all the payment forms within osc so I've secured the site with a thawte certificate. It is my understanding that the MPI version of ePDQ is the one I need to use because the CPI version is where the payment details are hosted on Barclaycards secure servers and it's not seamless. My question is, can the ePDQ module be configured to work with either the CPI version or the MPI version? If not, what are my options - a different payment services provider - who do you recommend in the UK? Thanks in advance. Lar