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  1. spiky_

    Facebook connect ?

    many platforms and websites are using this function already so i was wondering if there will be one for OSCommerce any soon and that's it regards :)
  2. so i had this new template installed and i luv it and everything but when i installed a tshirt customizer add on i had a page where things needs to go up in the page to fit the template and the look of the website http://icustomyze.com/logo.php >> see wt i mean here is there any one who could help me with this ? many many thanks, regards.
  3. okay, after pasting the right code for fancybox, will i have the same multi images add-on im looking for ? NO, it will not !! please read well before talking to me with that bad tone !! Than Q any ways
  4. what abt u ? Did u read my post ? i dont care if its slim box or fancy box or lighbtbox !! i'm looking for a multi image add on like the one in tomatocart !! small thumbnails under the main picture !!
  5. Mano, wt im looking for is not the popup contribution, i wanna have the same look for the extra images as the one in tomato cart !! small thumbnails under the main picture + the fancy box effect also, i used slim box and not fancy box bcz fancy box popup is always blank !
  6. hello here mano i installed fancy pics and its working fine with me, thing is i need to know which multi images add-on is used with tomatocart and can i use it with fancybox? as shown here http://www.tomatocart.com/demo/products.ph...28f3719acad2f30 than Q
  7. i just read that on ur thread, i can install fancy box i have no problem, but wt to install to get the other images for the product ?? or fancy box already got multi images ?
  8. im using sts and i already have Lightbox and its written that i cant use fancy box with sts in ur thread :S i just need the thumbnails like the tomato cart ones !! than Q
  9. any one please please please can tell me wt can i do or add or download to have multi images like this with lightbox ? http://www.tomatocart.com/demo/products.ph...058096dddcc0421 ? i think its mootools, but i cant really get it !!! than Q
  10. spiky_

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    okay.. i installed it, made the SQL tables.. uploaded the files. replaced the codes.. activated it from the admin panel, choosed products.. everything, yet, i cant find it anywhere on the page :S http://shop.icustomyze.com
  11. spiky_

    Flash for Category and Search

    thx for the link, installed it, choosed the products and everything, yet nth appeared.. will keep trying.. thx any ways
  12. spiky_

    Flash for Category and Search

    how can i show my products that way ?? i already installed CMS and everything.. also, can i use that flash in 2.2 ? than Q
  13. fixed it, got the header only part from the lightbox product info page the rest from the code thanks again